Cropped without Photoshop

IAM: Spiritual_Paladin had his ears cropped yesterday, resulting in a pretty unique look.  Unfortunately he didn’t include who the artist was, so hopefully he’ll comment so I can give proper credit.

To see more photos of his ears, including the other side, head on over to the cartilage removal and reshaping gallery.

15 thoughts on “Cropped without Photoshop

  1. Sorry, The artist who did it was Matt Vermillion. haha I had a long night so when I submitted the pics, I was very tired and left out crucial info.

  2. I wonder if its noticably effected his hearing. Always wondered how good a job the top part did at funneling sound.

  3. Actually J it really hasnt effected my hearing, not that I noticed.

  4. i still dont understand why people have to go over the top with tattoos. i have tatoos as well but i keep it below the neck. sure it’s cool to have tattoos but now your just showing off.

  5. My other two comments didnt seem to post, so ill try this under my real name. Conch removal and ear cropping were done by Matt Vermillion.

  6. Wow, that’s pretty interesting. Never seen anything quite like that. Curious to see what the healed result will look like.

  7. The artist who did is Matt Vermillion, he also did my conch removal

  8. I tried posting before but I dont know why it doesnt post. Anyway, the artist is Matt Vermillion has done my ear cropping. I updated the pics with info. He also done my conch removal.

  9. Also, I do not have hearing problems or any that I noticed so far. I actually kept my ear pieces in a baggy! It was a great time :)

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