The Friday Follow-up

For the first time, the Friday Follow-up is actually going to be hidden behind a click through.  If you’ll recall, back in January we saw Naoise-Ryan Israel‘s scrotal branding.  Well, six months down the line, and by popular request, we’ve got a follow-up.

To see the full photo, as well as how it looks today, keep on reading.

And here’s how it looks today, along with a better look at some of his piercings.

Given how difficult it is to predict how things will scar there, I’d say that’s turned out really well.

8 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. I am not starting a fight, if I had a dick I’d probably pierce it… but are Jewish people still iffy about tattoos? I haven’t seen a lot of tattooed orthodox jewish people. I mean lapsed I guess, but I know sometimes ‘SERIOUS’ christians get crosses even though the bible says not to, but I thought tattooed jewish people didn’t get to be buried in jewish cemeteries and that with the whole being tattooed numbers during the holocaust made some feel it was awful to be branded. I’m not being an asshole I promise. Sometimes I am, I just don’t know if there’s still a huge stigma about it. I like the little superman logo. Also your brand came out much better than my self done 5 point star… which was a cookie cutter left on a hot element

  2. I’m happy to pick up here on Rainbowdashes’ and other earlier comments,
    admittedly after quite awhile, having just discovered this webpage while
    idling bare-arsed in ‘T’ shirt before a quick pre-gym shower!
    It was therefore quite easy, just now, taking a quick look at my scrotum;
    my Star of David brand is still there, looking good, I think…
    In Israel and elsewhere, I’ve frequently heard about me disqualifying
    myself from a Jewish burial… there might be a few squseamish or even
    genuine Believers who could well recoil but I’m sure there will be
    others who will not “give a toss” (or, who knows?, otherwise!).
    Best wishes everyone, check out my IAM page for recent updates!
    (probably more interesting than Microsoft ones!).


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