SkinTunnel, Take Two

I’m very excited that Gabriele from MaxArt Body Piercing in Rome, Italy has been refining his SKIN TUNNEL project, with the second one being installed in a nape. I think it also speaks very well for him that he didn’t install a whole bunch of them right away, but that instead he installed one, carefully watched it healing, made improvements to the design, and then installed a single second one. Not all practitioners are so responsible — many rush ahead and start offering new procedures to the public before they’re even close to verified as functional. Here’s a picture of the new piece in a nape:


There are actually two variations that he’s made to this iteration of the skin tunnel, so perhaps we’ll see one more soon as well. As you can see there are second-generation two prototypes, one slightly taller than the other, and one with four posts and the other with two. They’ve also both been given horizontal holes through the threaded posts, which hopefully will decrease the possibility of the skin pulling away from the posts, and anchoring it more solidly. It’s a very clever and quite visually fascinating improvement on the transdermal, and may offer a significant improvement in mounting technology because of the sheer size of the threading possible.


If I was giving advice on iteration three, I think the biggest thing I’d change would be drilling more holes around the base — not spacing them so broadly. Finally, since I don’t think it has yet been featured on ModBlog, here are some pictures of the first one that Gabriele did, on a wrist.


7 thoughts on “SkinTunnel, Take Two

  1. This is a pretty neat piercing and jewelry combo! My only concern is all the sharp edges on the 4 pieces of jewelry in the second image where it passes through the skin. Also, I was hoping that the base of these would have a rough surface texture like the transdermal implants of Samppa Von Cyborg.

  2. Shannon just one thing. these blog entries/ posts are exactly what initially got me into Body Modification !
    The extremer mods, the new techniques and types of mods and jewelry.
    And just your posts !
    I’m not saying all the other bloggers did a bad job ! far from it !
    But you know what you need to post to get at least my interest in mods back !
    Reading your posts on where you talk about the mods and certain new techniques like these skintunnels are amazing, really shows you’re very passionate when it comes to modifications.
    It’s just so enjoyable to read posts like this.
    Pictures are cool offcourse , but the story behind them is always more awesome !

    I’m probabbly expressing myself a little in the wrong way ( might be due to my native language ) …
    But you and others can probabbly imagine what i’m really meaning.
    Anyway glad you’re back , Modblog/BME is back to what it used to be fun and interesting !
    The BME crew is complete again 🙂

  3. 1) I have been thinking for a while that we haven’t seen anything new in bodymod. Agree with Vincent: glad to see folks continuing to push and experiment.

    2) Nice to see you back, Shannon. This is the first post I’ve read of yours in around three years (followed your blog for a while). Glad everyone (you and BME) found a way to get you back on here.

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