Rubeus Mendes

I can’t have something so miserable as the butchered piercing sitting at the top of ModBlog overnight, so I want to share this great portrait of Brazillian stretching master and nerd extraordinaire and now beard king Rubeus Rafa Mendes Hagrid to ring in the evening.


7 thoughts on “Rubeus Mendes

  1. Shannon take BME back. Please. For all of us that loved this site. Send me an autograph? Email me. I was 13 when I started coming to this site. You’re one of the people I want to meet in my life.

  2. Shannon’s the general of this army. That’s it. It never changed for the old guard. But bringing up that shit’s just gonna open old wounds and cause shit for everyone. So yeah. Nice pic by the way. His labret looks DOPE and I love the septum plug.

  3. Is this the Rafa from previous ModBlog posts? Has he downsized his labret considerably, then?

  4. “stretching master”?????

    I’m sorry, but it’s ridiculous. This champs can’t be called “stretching master”. He needed sergery to reconstruct his mouth after all bad technic stretch he did.

    He is just a dumbass.

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