Creative Nostril Project

I wanted to share this creative and unique nostril project by Dana Dinius at HTC Body Piercing, Phoenix North. Another great example of taking a basic, accessible, mainstream set of piercings and turning them into something special that will turn the heads of both the jaded piercing elite and who don’t know the difference between a daith and a fourchette.


7 thoughts on “Creative Nostril Project

  1. That is awesome, but how in the hell do you get them that high? Are the top one/two dermals? Does not compute!

  2. Could they be microdemals? Would microdemals on the part of the face even be practical/wearable?

  3. As for how they were done, I would wager not microdermals. The lower four would be normally pierced. I think the top one would have to be pierced pretty much vertically?

  4. I’m guessing those were done within minutes of this photo due to the watery eyes. When I pierced my septum I kept sneezing for about an hour right after it was done. Sometimes even now when I touch my ring I sneeze. Is that strange?

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