Bright Color by Dominick McIntosh

Long-time BME readers and IAM members will remember tattoo artist Dominick Allen McIntosh of Dead Gods Tattoo ( in Oregon from the MASH-themed tattoos back in 2006. An amazing Alex Grey inspired tattoo (the one you see below) of his creation was recently featured on Juxtapoz and wowing the online world.

Because in the tattoo world we see so many bright tattoos that look amazing the day they were done, and then look like faded “meh” when healed, I wanted to ask Dominick for healed pictures before posting. I was both pleased and surprised that this is a healed tattoo, taken two and a half months after the tattoo was first done. To get a better picture, he shaved the client and moisturized the skin — something I’d recommend to anyone who wants to show off their tattoos. You’d be amazed how much even a light covering of hair can obscure a tattoo, and moisturizer makes the upper layers of skin slightly more translucent, allowing the colors glow at their brightest. Anyway, what an amazing tattoo this piece is, and I’ve also included a small collection of other tattoos from a photoshoot at Dominick’s shop earlier this year. Unlike what you see in many magazines and portfolios, all of them are healed, and truly representative of the wonderful tattoos these clients will carry for life.


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5 thoughts on “Bright Color by Dominick McIntosh

  1. Those are so vibrant, I think there was such a good job done with the subtle fade in colour gradient– also I knew it was a shannon post when it didn’t say “Showing your true colours” or “colour me tickled bright” or “colour in between the lines” so you know that because of a pun you can tell there will be a coloured tattoo involved… “Cat got your tongue?” “tongue in cheek?” “tongue n groove?” whatever could it be, a septum ring? maybe a nipple piercing? Keep it real.

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