13 Year-Old White Ink Palm Tattoo

Thirteen years ago Lee got his hand tattooed by machine in white ink by Steve Clark (currently working at Phoenix Tattoo Studio in Raleigh, NC). Palm tattoos are troublesome at the best of times, let alone when in white ink (it’s not so much that white ink is hard to heal — it’s just that it’s more difficult for the artist to work with in general), but as you can see, almost a decade and a half later this tattoo is still remarkably solid. There’s a little variance in line weight, perhaps from Steve hitting the hand harder than he’d normally hit a tattoo to make sure it stayed in place, but the important thing is that it’s there. The yellowing simply reflects Lee’s skin tone — even if the ink is pure white, skin isn’t clear glass (otherwise humans would be freaky walking anatomical-model nightmare fuel) so tinting of this type is normal.

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3 thoughts on “13 Year-Old White Ink Palm Tattoo

  1. mike …. the tattoo is 13 years old, not the guy … lol !!
    i don’t understand very well english (and speak…!), but i undertand that…

  2. I was just asking myself ybout white palm tattoo and I just found this ! I’m happy to see how it looks after ages cause I’m really thinking about it and even more now ;)

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