Graduated Blackwork Lines

For me, often the simplest tattoos are the most powerful… It’s been my observation that when people imagine themselves, their internal self-image often doesn’t include complex or pictorial tattoos, but heavy, simple blackwork like this almost always integrates on a low level with how the person perceives themselves (and how others perceive them as well). This great example of a simple but unique tattoo was done by Stefan Halbwachs of Austria’s Happy Needles (

graduated blackwork

3 thoughts on “Graduated Blackwork Lines

  1. I find this really aesthetically pleasing. I was wondering if this is also a cover-up tattoo, either way it still looks wonderful.

  2. @laura
    the part that is directly on the wrist is a cover up, the other parts are not. it was however intended from the beginning to achieve this exact look.

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