Shannon Larratt 1973-2013


I have started and stopped this update several times because I honestly don’t know what to say and nothing I could say would be adequate.  It is with sadness and regret that I have to announce that Shannon has passed away.  We will post something more at a later date but right now we are all still reeling and grieving.  We ask that you please respect Rachel and her daughter’s privacy at this time as well as the rest of Shannon’s family and friends.  Thank you for understanding and being such a wonderful and supportive community.

You can visit Shannon’s personal blog here.


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  1. I am genuinely heart broken right now, and at an extreme loss for words. Shannon meant (means) so much to the community, and without him, the industry wouldn’t be where it is today. I have followed Shannon/BME since I was merely a CHILD, and have found inspiration in him throughout my life. Although I have never met him personally, I feel like I have lost a friend. To Rachael, Ari, Caitlin, and his closest friends and family, I am so so sorry for your loss. The entire community is at a loss. May you rest peacefully, Shannon. You will continue to inspire me for as long as I shall live.

  2. Shannon really changed my life through this blog and Zentastic. I’ll miss reading everything that he had to say. He really gave me a lot whether he knew it or not.

  3. I can’t believe this… I’ve read this article over and over and it just can’t sink in. He has inspired so many people, including myself. This is such a loss to the body modification community.

  4. While I never had a chance to sit down and get to know him, there’s no denying the impact Shannon Larratt had on this world.

    It was his words that not only got me interested in body modification, but also provided me with the courage to change my life in ways I never would have thought possible.

    It was his encouraging words that led to me take the job writing ModBlog, and (without his knowing) ignited a passion for writing as a career that I didn’t even know I had.

    Thank you Shannon. You’ll be missed.

  5. what can really be said we have lost a great person that help open up doors for many of us I haven’t been on here for years but still remember the old days when bme started and the bbqs R.I.P Brother. My Iam was HOLY ONE

  6. If I feel this sad about this I can’t imagine how his family feels. A huge loss. I will really miss reading his posts. This isn’t meant to be rude, but he really was BMEzine. I find it really hard to believe he is gone. At least he won’t be suffering anymore.

  7. Sad, sad day. It’s because of Shannon and his modified IAM community that I met my wife. He was an inspiration to many. May you rest in peace Shannon.

  8. Such devastating news, sitting on the train almost in tears. Where would we be without Shannon?
    I don’t even know what to say, it’s been an absolute pleasure having Shannon start posting on BME again, it feels like forever that I’ve been reading about his poor health but never for a second did I think it would it would come to this.
    He will live on as the heart of this community.
    Rest in Peace Shannon.

  9. All my good thoughts and love to Rachel, their daughter, and the rest of their family. Shannon brought so much joy, education, and positive spirit to the world. His legacy is immense.

  10. Thank you for being in my life the way you were and will always continue to be as you live on in all of us. I am thankful for the times we’ve met, the community you’ve built and helped structure, the strength in giving us all the knowledge that we are not alone and that we are all great beings that have to belong to the ‘norm’, i am thankful for the events you threw to bring us all together, the conversations we’ve had, as well your extreme views. Thank you for being! My love to you forever!

  11. thank you Shannon for your amazing work for this community. you have helped shape my life, and have touched so many others in a similar way. your impact war far reaching and far spread. I hope you rest well, and have found peace with no pain.

  12. If it weren’t for Shannon and BME, I would have not known at such a young age of this wonderful community. I am truly hurt over this. Good thoughts and vibes to Shannon’s friends and family. You were such a wonderful man, Shannon.

  13. I absolutely cannot believe this. Shannon has been such an inspiration for so many people. This is such a great, great loss. I deeply hope that someone continues his work.

  14. Sad news, did not know him personally, but had spoken with many that did, and he sounded like a great guy…. much love to his close friends and family at this time.

  15. What a terrible loss for the mod community!!!!!!!!! My condolences to the family!!!! He was such an inspiration to so many, myself included. :’(

  16. As someone who has been reading BME for almost eight years now, the loss of the founder this website and pioneer of many amazing mods comes as a hard blow. Shannon Larratt, you’ll truly be missed. </3

  17. love and respect to the larratt family, especially nefarious. eternal gratitude to Shannon Larratt for creating a space for those that did not have one. sleep well.

  18. Shannon changed my life through BME and IAM. Being surrounded by closed minded people made me feel like my wild ideas and self expression were forbidden and my life would be very dull. I was able to take his teachings and philosophies and apply them to so many areas of my life. I literally wouldn’t be the person I am today without him. RIP.

  19. I’ve never been so saddened by the death of somebody I never met. Rest well Shannon.

  20. I am very sad to hear of the loss of one of the greatest people in the Body Modification world. Shannon did so much for me to knock down mental walls and build structures of art I will forever be grateful. RIP Shannon. Gigawaabamiin Niijjii

  21. It hurts. It really does.

    It’s gonna be up to us all to keep his legacy alive and keep on doing what he was so talented for: inspiring individuals, widening the scopes, keeping an open-mind, bridging people and communities, amongst many other things.

  22. I’m sure the outpouring of condolences and messages have been overwhelming for his family.
    I tried to share the link to his blog post and it’s been pulled.
    He truly impacted my life, as well of hundreds of other people. Through BME, I found that I wasn’t alone, that there was an entire community of people who shared the desire-even need-to change their bodies beyond what society felt was acceptable.
    Thank you Shannon. There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing you are.

  23. Shannon totally changed my life. Without him I don’t have a clue where I would be or what I would be doing. I hope he knew just how much I appreciated everything. I hope he knew just how much he meant to everyone for whom he did the same things. You were one of a kind and will be remembered always.

  24. RIP Shannon. Thank you for doing everything you did. As others have said, you have touched our lives in many ways and you will not be forgotten.

  25. Was so shocked to hear this, I hope he at least passed peacefully. For someone who’s been such a huge impact in this lifestyle, that’s the least I can hope for. Condolences to his daughter, wife and close friends. He was really, an amazing guy, who taught me alot.

  26. I met my husband on Iam, and….im more of who I am because of Shannon, because he encouraged us to grow into ourselves and not hide.

  27. I’m so heartbroken, I’ve known Shannon 13 years. Tho we never met in person he welcomed me into BME at 18 and was always there to answer a question. I’m going to miss his post and blog. My thought and prayers go out to Rachel and the family May he finally be pain free.

  28. Damn.

    Since 2003/2004 ive been a regular on the website….reading thousands and thousands of stories…looked at pictures….even got one of my tatttoos from the website ! …. Rest in peace my friend

  29. incredible…one never anticipates this, even when you know it is coming. Such a loss for the community, but most of all, for his family.

  30. I just can’t believe it. This blog has become such a part of my life, and I remember reading his posts back in the day and thinking what a great guy. I’ve never met him but I know he will live on through what he has written. Just like everyone said before BME wouldn’t have gone this far without him.
    My deepest condolences to his family. He will deeply be missed.

  31. I pray God greats you with the smile you often gave others. Even though you didn’t believe I do. And I pray we all can see you some day. God bless you Shannon. Rest in peace.

  32. Words can not express the loss the BME/IAM community is feeling today.. You will forever be in my heart and on my skin!! BME4LIFE!!!

  33. I am shocked that i am in tears over someone ive never met. But without BME an Shannon I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I wouldn’t know the people I know, I wouldn’t have had the experiences that helped me discover where I belonged.
    He deserves all of the love we give him now. I hope his memory lives on forever.

  34. What a monumental loss. My heart breaks for his family and loved ones. Thank you Shannon for all the inspiration and acceptance I’ve found on bme. You were truly an inspiration and guiding light in this community and will be so missed. Just like before when you were gone from modblog, it will never be the same. I’m so saddened by this loss of young life. Rest well Shannon <3

  35. Wow, I can’t believe that this is real. The world has lost a great man. You may no longer be here in the flesh, Shannon, but you will forever live on in so many different ways; in so many people’s hearts. I can think of so many people who felt lost in this big world, but found their purpose through you and what you’ve created, though this community you’ve helped bring together. What you’ve done for this community as a whole is so fucking admirable and inspirational. I may have never met you, I may have only spoken to you once or twice, but you completely changed me and my life (among so many others). You are and have been an idol to me and so many people for so many years. You really were a beautiful soul. You will be missed by so many people and you will never be forgotten. Your legacy will live on forever. I wish I’d had the opportunity to have met you, but I will always consider myself lucky (and I will always be grateful) that I was able to read all of your insightful posts on facebook and modblog that I’ve learned so much from. I used to sit on my computer hitting the refresh button waiting for what you would post next. I will miss that so much. I’m just rambling now, but this really is a very sad day for all of us. The last thing I will say is that I think it is so incredibly beautiful that we as a community can all come together from every corner of the world to be here for each other through this trying time. That in and of itself speaks volumes about what Shannon created through BME. I may not have known Shannon personally, but I’m sure he wouldn’t want us to be sad. He would probably want us to celebrate his life in a positive way, you know? I think that I personally will get a tattoo in memory of him. Stay strong everybody. ♥

  36. Unbelievable. My stomach is twisted, I can’t even imagine speaking the words ‘rest peacefully’ to this amazing soul. Caitlin, Ari, Rachel, I just can’t find the words, I’m so sorry.

  37. In total shock, cannot believe he is gone, want so much for this to not be true. RIP Shannon, my thoughts are with the family.

  38. Not something I thought I would hear about today. Like many, I never met Shannon, but felt like I knew him through BMEzine and ModBlog as well as other writings. The body modification was blessed having such a free thinker, wonderful writer, and a great human being to have as an icon. He will always live on through his writings, blogs, and the difference he made in people’s lives. My heart is heavy today. Shannon, I’m happy that you are free from the pain you’ve endured for so long. May your Spirit find peace. <3

  39. Just dumbfounded and speechless. He was the reason I am where I am today for countless reasons. Without question without BME and iam I would NOT be the same person I am today. It was through him I found not only the shop I got work at when I was a damn 25 year old kid. But the very one I work at today. I wouldn’t have found my salvation through ROP. I wouldn’t have the lifelong friends I have. Just heartbroken. :(

  40. If it weren’t for Shannon, and the people I’ve connected with through BME, I, like so many others, would be a very different person today. He deeply touched my life and inspired me to embrace who I truly am, and I never even met him. I truly hope he knows what he meant to us, as a community, and that his family knows that he and his wisdom were truly valued and appreciated, and they should be proud of the changes his work made while he was with us. Rest in peace, and thank you, Shannon.

  41. Shannon was the reason I went from having a casual glance at tattoos one day to being completely obsessed about body modification and all things weird and wonderful. I am a better person because of his writing and openness on modblog – I feel I owe him for that.

  42. Kevin: Just saw your comment with the link. Thank you for posting that. I am in tears, but also happy to read that he does know that he was, ha, kind of a big deal.

  43. he will be missed. but ill bet he will have one of the best funerals ever. thank you for all you did for us!

  44. I’m completely gutted. As one of the first generations of I am users (I was sorrows eyes and a few other incarnations) after 8 years and many mods and suspensions on iam.bmezine I am completely gutted to read this. I can’t help but be curious if he took his own life or if it was natural. Thank you so much Shannon for everything. There’s really nothing else I can say.

  45. I have to say, I haven’t been on BME in years, since the old iam days. I only met Shannon a few times in passing at BBQs and Suscons, but there’s no way I can overstate the impact the culture he helped create affected my life and the lives of many of my friends. Godspeed brother.

  46. I can’t even find the right words to express how this news makes me feel. That man had such a profound impact on the direction of my life I can’t even express it. I’ve still got my silver foil contributor’s shirt. Knowing him really helped me get my shit together. I remember so many stupid things, like going to TO for the 2nd or 3rd BBQ & Sleeping on Phil’s floor with Shawn Porter, & going out to eat with Blair & Shannon. I remember him being a asshole at times. A frighteningly brilliant asshole, but in a good way? I’ve tried writing him a letter for years, trying to express.. I don’t even know.. SOMETHING tangible but I could never express what I really wanted to say. I really wish I’d been able to tell him in some fashion or other. I miss you.

  47. Shannon expanded my mind when I discovered BMEZine more than 10 years ago.
    This is so sad.

  48. What a sad, sad day. Shannon influenced my life in my younger years and helped shape me to who I am today. Thank you, brother, I’ll see you beyond the Great Barrier.

  49. i started reading modblog when i was 16, and i’m turning 30 this year. i don’t know how to express the impact shannon and his work has had on my life, on the way that i see my body as an avenue for the way i express myself. i’m just fucking speechless. body modification has been an integral part of my life, and he is without a doubt the biggest reason – as a source of inspiration, of information, of encouragement, of community.

    my heart goes out to his family, and the community as a whole. truly, we’ve lost our greatest champion and advocate.

  50. In 2005-2006 I wrote my Honours thesis about the Body Modification Ezine and all the work that Shannon has done for promoting body modification and the ways in which he was responsible for changing the way that we look at the topic of bodies online. Over the course of that year I developed such an immense respect for him and his work. I’m speechless at the news of his passing – what an immense loss. My thoughts are with him and his.

  51. I’m sitting here looking through all my old messages via iam and… I can’t fathom my life without these people. Thank you, glider.
    IAM: Casey, Shutterbug, Thesbian

  52. No words will be enough to thanks you for all you did for our community…
    I’ll never forget you as a man and as a contemporary philosopher…

  53. What a loss.
    Thank you Shannon, for everything you did, for everything you were.

  54. Shocked and saddened, can’t believe this is true! I never met Shannon, but he enriched my life in so many ways. R.I.P

  55. Death is always a horrible thing and it’s worse when you ”know” the one that have passed away. RIP

  56. Thank you so much for the link Kevin, I read it on his blog too, and then it disappeared. It’s a beautiful, positive but sad goodbye letter, read it, take comfort. x

  57. May you find your peace in the afterlife and continue to touch our lives like you have always done so greatly. You will be truly missed, kept alive in our spirits and the memories of those you have influenced.
    Hearts are sinking all around us.

  58. So sad to hear about this, especially for those closest to him. Of all the interesting qualities one could attribute to Shannon, the thing I remember most was that he was a kind person.

  59. On March 15, 1996, I began my professional piercing career (it was a nostril piercing – and the girl, who is now a woman, still has the piercing, which delights me). I am so deeply indebted to Shannon for providing the budding young piercer Linda with such a vast resource of knowledge and even tho I never had a chance to meet the man in person, I feel like a favorite teacher or trusted mentor has passed. Rest in peace, Shannon – you helped change the world

  60. May Angels lead you in, dear Shannon…. My prayers go out to his family <3

  61. Sad news… rest in pease Shannon! Condolence to all his famaily… I remember him a friend and inspiration. Truely it was his BMEzine helping me finding my pgysical view of my body… Making me a happy and balanced person… These news are sad also forthe community itself, one bright light has passed away…

  62. Like countless others, I can trace a significant piece of my identity to the role Shannon played. I think that to have such a rare life vanish is a challenge to the rest of us to live as meaningfully.

    Thanks to all at bme.

  63. Shocked and really sad to hear. His writing was excellent and he seemed to be such a good, decent guy. A guy who truly cared about his community and his ideals.

    Rest well.

  64. Caitlin, Rachel, and Ari, I hope you read all these comments and again are reminded how wonderful Shannon was and how many lives he affected. We are all thinking of you now! Shannon was truly a binding force in the community and a man who will be missed by many — both people he has met in person, online, or simply be their reading his written word. What an incredible legacy! Thinking of you and sending thoughts of love and peace your way.

  65. Shocking news… The world has lost an excellent person… Fucking hell I’m crap at this!! Look mate, if you’re reading, I’ll level with ya – we’ve had our disagreements once or twice, same as anyone, but I’ve always always thought you were fucking fantastic, a real forward-pusher for the mod industry, and an inspiration to us all to be so much more than that stupid kid with the piercings. You have changed the industry, touched my life and many others like it, and you will NEVER be forgotten. Huge love to your family and friends. Rest in peace and pass gently, friend.

  66. I still remember with great fondness Shannon stretching my ears from 1/2″ to 5/8″ with a homemade wooden stretching taper at the original Stainless Studios in Toronto. Seems like a million years ago!

  67. I always enjoyed reading Shannon’s blogs, he seemed like such a clever, free spirited man. What a great shame he’s no longer around. RIP

  68. This is a great loss to those of us who have been inspired by Shannon to develop the body art to the level we enjoy nowadays. To all of Shannon’s immediate family my commiserations at this tragic time. Be comforted that Shannon’s much wider-spread worldwide family joins you in your grief at such a loss. Too young, much too young and still lots to offer.

  69. My friend, my dearest friend. What great saddness has come over me when I read this today. I have known you since 2001. You have both inspired me, provoked me and at times, angered me with our conversations and views. I have watched how your body has betrayed you over the years and felt the pain of how difficult that must of been. You are iconic to me Shannon, I will miss you more then words could ever describe. The years spent on BME and afterwards will never be forgotten. To be part of the movement that changed body modification forever was not only a fantastic thing to be involved in, it was a noble one. I am proud to have served as one of your proverbial minions. I wish you find peace in the afterlife and I will think of you always. I love you my brother.

  70. Tears are falling from eyes as I type this: Ever since I stubbled upon this amazing, personally life changing website about 10yrs ago, I have been enlightened by it almost daily by logging in. I’ve always felt like an outcast throughout my life but the ability to connect with fellow bod mod enthusiasts via BME had made me felt that I finally belonged somewhere. BME helped to lead me to my path as a pro piercer: it furthered my passion for modifing my body with beautiful art and jewelry, it helped me become more educated about new techniques, trends, & influential people in the community, and made me see that this lifestyle was what truely made me happy. Although I didn’t know you personally, I feel as though I’ve lost a family member- RIP Shannon, my love goes out to your friends & family. <3 Tat

  71. fu*k NO!, speachless, R.I.P., deepest condolences to the entire family, Shannon was, is, and will be legend….

  72. This has come as i huge shock, i knew he didn’t have much time left, but had no idea that he was already so close.
    Shannon will go down in history, he was the creator of BME and bought the mod community together, without him we would never have got to know others into the same things. He helped me many times and i’m privileged to be in his latest book too, so…

    Thank you for every thing you did for me Shannon you will be sorely missed.


  73. My thoughts are with Shannon’s family at this sad time.
    He might not have had enough time on Earth but he achieved an amazing amount in the time he had. RIP Shannon, shine on you crazy diamond! xxx

  74. Thank you for everything you did, Shannon. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in my skin if it weren’t for you and BME when I was younger. You were truly a pioneer and a hero to the mod community. You will be sorely missed.

  75. If it wasn’t for BME I wouldn’t have met my wife 14 years ago and raised three children, Shannon impacted more lives then he knew.

  76. Honestly I am still at a loss. I was lucky enough to get to know shannon and he helped me with some ideas for my own mods. Thanks so much, for the talks, advice and just being who you were. -Jester.

  77. holy shit anyone know what happened? i know his health wasnt the best but i didnt think it was terminal….maybe accidental OD? i know he was on very strong meds

  78. i worked in Toronto from 1996 till 2005 and he was always open to any questions or concerns i brought up. a big loss. know he will be getting his wings pierced on.

  79. That was unexpected for me. I am truly sad. Shannon changed my life and his writings played a big part in the person I am today.
    I’m also very sad for his daughter, I hope everything will be ok for her.

  80. Shannon, you will be missed. Thank you for everything you have done for the community. Like many here, I have been reading Modblog since I was a kid. Your words were an inspiration at a time when I was still finding myself.

    My condolences to his family. I wish you the best.

  81. Eu não me cheguei a conhecer o Shannon pessoalmente, mas ele mudou minha vida em vários sentidos. O mundo perdeu uma pessoa incrível ontem.
    Força para sua família e amigos.

  82. uma grande mente se foi; ninguém está à altura de suceder sua figura.
    nosso líder e guia espiritual ser foi.
    que linda obra você nos deixou, meu amigo.

  83. Thank you for all the love and light you brought to our community. Your time and sacrifices are appreciated more than words can express.
    Rest well, be in peace.

  84. Holy… Shit. I don’t post here often, but I’ve been reading for years. I never met Shannon, but my heart is aching. Sending love to Rachel & his daughter. Total disbelief…

  85. so very heartbreaking,but happy that you will no longer have to suffer any more pain…thank you for helping us all along our our journeys :]

  86. sad day. thank you for doing so much for us all. you will be missed. my thoughts go out to your family and friends

  87. This was hard to read when I saw it this morning, and its even harder now with his last blog post

  88. Completely shocked. I have followed modblog since I was 14 and my appreciation of body modification has grown from reading Shannon’s words. The world is a lesser place now, I wish I could have met this amazing man. Rest in Peace Shannon, my heart goes out to your family, and loved ones.

  89. There’s nothing I can add that hasn’t been said already. Wishing you a safe passage, Shannon. You were one in a million.

  90. I never met Shannon or been part of the community but through his work and influence he has been a part of my life for many years now.
    A great and influencial man who made an important, positive impact on many people’s lives. It is a great loss to the modified community. My condolences to his family, friends and all who loved him.

  91. It’s incredibly sad to hear of such an amazing and influential person leaving us. I hope the grieving is full of celebration of his life, rather than lamentation at his passing.

  92. My wife and I have been a part of BME.IAM for years, years before we ever met. And it was this site that brought us together and introduced us to so many friends around the world. We are so grateful for everything Shannon brought to us and each other. He is very missed.

  93. a very sad day for the bodmod community. I hope his friends and family can keep going strong, a lot of love for you all.
    Thank you for all you’ve taught us, Shannon. You will be missed.

  94. This man was a spectacular singularity. He was absolutely spot-on that living is not pain. And pain is not a life.

    And say “hello motherfucker” to Keith. Some days nothing is fair.

    Love and ink.

  95. Such sad news :( Thank you Shannon for everything you did, without you I would not be the person I am today, and nor would I have met some truly amazing people xx

  96. My thoughts go to his family and friends. I feel almost intrusive posting this as I never had the privilage of meeting him personally, but it didn’t seem right not to put anything as he has done so much for many people without knowing them. I owe so much of my knowledge and passion to ModBlog- it always made me feel proud to be modified and a little less alone whilst living in a very judgemental location- and I know he inspired and educated many. It’s such a huge loss when the World loses someone so intelligent and insightful. I hope he knew how much he touched peoples’ lives.
    With much sincere respect, rest in peace.
    (I’m sorry if this appears twice, I typed my email wrong first time).

  97. Terribly saddening. My condolences to his family and everyone close to him. Unbelievable. </3

  98. So very sad. BME changed my life, totally and absolutely, opened my mind and my tolerances. I followed Shannon when he was a semi-deity on IAM, in the post-BME debacle which momentarily spawned bodytwo, then through the years after when the person showed through in his beautiful Zentastic posts about bringing up his daughter in the most loving way possible. So very heartening – I’m glad he knew how much he meant to so many. I miss the IAM days, when there was such a sense of unity. I love that he was never shy about being human and fallible, a real character, a leader in some way, but a person who was truly himself at the end of the day.

    Thank you, Shannon. Your legacy lives on through all of us who have been touched by your voice.

    Re-post of his inspirational last words, because they are just so Shannon: So very sad. BME changed my life, totally and absolutely, opened my mind and my tolerances. I followed Shannon when he was a semi-deity on IAM, in the post-BME debacle which momentarily spawned bodytwo, then through the years after when the person showed through in his beautiful Zentastic posts about bringing up his daughter in the most loving way possible. So very heartening – I’m glad he knew how much he meant to so many. I miss the IAM days, when there was such a sense of unity. I love that he was never shy about being human and fallible, a real character, a leader in some way, but a person who was truly himself at the end of the day.

    Thank you, Shannon. Your legacy lives on through all of us who have been touched by your voice.

    Re-post of his inspirational last words:

  99. ive been looking at bme since i was 12, shannon has forever changed mylife
    he will never be forgotten. this is truly a sad day in our world

  100. Shannon, you where one of the very few people who had a distinctly positive influence in this world in everything you did. You will live in our hearts and minds for ever. Peace and love, always.

    Der du von dem Himmel bist,
    Alles Leid und Schmerzen stillest,
    Den, der doppelt elend ist,
    Doppelt mit Erquickung füllest;
    Ach, ich bin des Treibens müde!
    Was soll all der Schmerz und Lust?
    Süßer Friede,
    Komm, ach komm in meine Brust!
    -Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe

  101. Like many, I never met the man, but clearly his contribution to society was enormous, whether he was aware of it or not. What I liked about his posts and his general demenour towards body modification was the way he was always incredibly cautious and clearly stated the risks/benefits to any procedure. I really hope someone can pick up this torch, and approach body modification as methodically as Shannon did. His contribution to this community is genuinely immeasurable. Take it easy mate!

  102. In contrast to many present here at this time, it´s been just over a couple of moths since I started following this site. Shannon truly has impressed me, predicating tolerance and acceptance in a world so marred by prejudice. As far as mods go, I have two mere piercings, but nonetheless, he has inspired me to go beyond, seek my own identity, and be amazed at others’ bodily artwork (even if I would find it to be tooextreme for words). His last post at his own blog literally left me with tears in my eyes, after reading some of the last contemplations of such a beautifully profound (and awesomely geek) mind.

    May he be remembered by all of us, and may we live up to his hopes for greater acceptance amongst this beautiful community of body artists.

  103. Right now I don’t even know how to process this… I feel like a family member has passed away…

    Hvil i fred, Shannon. Hvil i fred.

  104. I am truly heartbroken. I have enjoyed his posts for so many years, and I can’t imagine I will ever feel the loss of someone I’d never met so sharply

  105. </3 :-( RiP Shannon. May you rest peaceably and may your soul find eternal happiness. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all you did in the realms of modification.

  106. Thank you Shannon.
    Thank you so very much for everything you ever did.
    As I’ve aged, I’ve lost the need for heroes to look up to – you are still and always will be a hero for me.
    Much love.
    Rest in Painless Peace.

  107. I remember some time ago, when he decided to leave BME for awhile. I can honestly say I missed his posts, and where ecstatic when he came back. But this tie, he won’t come back.

    Gonna miss you pal. Much love from DK <3 May you be in a better place, you deserve that.

  108. So sad to hear this. Been a BME reader for years and years, and always have been appreciative for everything Shannon has done for the community. It’s very, very clear by reading these posts that he achieved so much by helping so many people. Not many people could have such an outpouring, so I think it stands to show how loved and important he was. RIP Shannon, and my condolences to his family and friends.

  109. Wow…. what a man and what a life. I can’t say much more. He clearly reached a point where his illness had restricted him so much, but right up to the end he remained an absolute inspiration. Its just taken me about an hour to read and re read through his blog, and i was reduced to tears by the power of his words and the dignity, strength, and acceptance that flows through the writting. Rest in Peace and may all of us salute a one of a kind beautiful man. The world will be a much poorer place for the loss of Shannon!

  110. Just in tears, ever since I found rec.arts.bodyart as a mod-free teenager in ’95 Shannon had a positive influence on my life. Fare ye well, traveller.

  111. I had dreams of meeting you. You are inspirational and you changed so many lives including my own. My heart goes out to you and your family. May you rest in peace. Please guide me in my journey.

  112. One of the most inspiring minds of this generation has gone. He has reached out and touched more people in a positive way than anyone. The world is a lesser place with his passing.

  113. So sorry to hear this terrible news. My thoughts are with his friends and family. Such a tragic loss to them and the body mod community.

  114. I have been following his posts, his blog, his life and art for more than 10 years. This is the first time I feel such a sense of grief and loss. And joy, because he is finally without pain. But such sadness, because a girl is losing a wonderful dad, a woman is losing a wonderful partner and a loving community is losing a mentor. This man changed lifes. I hope he rests in peace. Maybe some of us will be granted the honor of meeting him in our next life – who knows. Shannon Larrat, thank you.

  115. thank you Shannon, your guidance and help was instrumental in getting me though a very difficult period of my life, rest in peace my friend.
    My deepest sympathe to his family and all those who miss him.

  116. the way his passing is being reported in the online “press” is so sad to me. the focus is on how he died not what he did… he did so much for so many people via the internet. that should be talked about more, what he did and how he did it. Its pretty special. i hope someone gets a clue out there.

  117. I’m stunned. When he interviewed me last November/December, he’d stressed that we needed to do it quickly as he expected not live out the end of the year. But then, when time passed and I hadn’t heard anything about his health one way or the other, I came to think of that as a false alarm. This is very sad and shocking news.

    I’m glad I got a chance to know him a bit through doing the interview before his passing. He’s touched so many people’s lives, and I was lucky enough to have shared thousands of words with him. His presence on this earth was a blessing, and the world is less rich without him. May his journey to whatever is next be an easy one.

  118. Oh my god. BMEzine was a real source of information for me in my late teens, I loved to read the blogs and look at the photos and loved that glider [as well as others] had created such a safe space and sense of community. I didn’t always agree with everything on here but I did feel like it opened my eyes and taught me about safety and empowerment in regards to modifying myself. I am in shock. I remember freaking out watching Clerks II when it first came out and pointing him out to people when we’d watch it. First death in a while that shook me. I didn’t expect this. I guess I hope those affected by this can find their own kind of peace in this difficult time.

  119. No tengo palabra, hace 10 años que leo a Shannon…
    gracias por todo hermano…

    no está muerto lo que yace eternamente…

  120. My direct contact with Shannon was very brief, just a few IMs 6 or 7 years ago, but I’ve become close with so many great people in this community and that would never have happened if it weren’t for him. I’ll miss his passion and fierce intelligence (dude knew something about nearly everything). RIP, brother.

  121. Truly a Great Pioneer in our little clique of the world has passed on to the next great adventure. He will be sorely missed in this plane of existence.

  122. I honestly had been thinking he would pass December 21st, kind of a Mayan thing in my head. I knew he had been struggling with his health, but I was so happy to hear he was going on vacation at the end of December, I felt he was doing a bit better then. I really saw him perk up a bit in these past few months being on BME again, and writing more. I knew part of it was tying up loose ends, and he had so many projects and things he wanted to do, so many friends, so much family, I swear he willed himself on for a long time with friends, family, and projects. I am saddened to know he’s gone, but at peace that he is no longer hurting.

  123. I just saw this today. This brings my heart great pain to hear of Shannon’s passing. But I am overjoyed to hear that he is no longer in pain.

    I have followed Shannon and BME since 1995 when it was first started and have watched it grow and become a beacon of knowledge in a world of ignorance.

    Thank you Shannon for your bravery, your dedication, and your knowledge.

  124. I just keep wishing that this is just an early April Fool’s gag and we’ll soon see Shannon back again laughing at us for being so gullible. I don’t know where I’d be without what he created and gave to us. It’s because of BME that I found what I needed to suspend, and indeed, found out that suspending was a need that I didn’t know I had. Shannon brought that and I am forever grateful for the way he changed my life forever without even knowing it…

  125. Shannon, to the mod world, you have been our prophet. I am grateful we had a few last conversations. You will always live in our memory. be at peace my brother.

  126. Well my fellow Shannon. There were only two us in the world. Now there’s only one. You did the Larratt name proud. We are so few in this world, you rose to be the light for many. I took pride in knowing that you put our name in the history books. God rest you soul.

    Warmest thoughts for the Larratt family.

    Kind regards
    Shannon Larratt
    South Africa.

  127. I’m seeing and hearing it just now.

    Strength to Shannon’s family.

    Live the next life, pioneer of bodmod

  128. I lived next door to Shannon in residence during his brief tenure at York U in 1992 and spent many fine hours with this gentleman. He had a late night radio show on the Uni station (Dilaudid Glide) and I used to often join him in the booth as he introduced me to amazing bands I had never ever encountered before. He exposed me to the films of Richard Kern, and other things I never would have imagined existed that changed the way I look at the world.

    I have never met a person so accepting of others and I was truly saddened to hear he had passed on. goodbye Shannon.

  129. Just heard about this. My thoughts and sympathies are with all of you and your families. Rest in peace, man. You made a difference.

  130. Just like sosad above (below?) I also lived with Shannon in 1992-93 in Vanier College residence at York University. Twenty years should seem like a lifetime, but the sense of loss is as deep as if we’d only parted ways last week. Glad to hear from others who knew him then. Wishing peace and happiness to all those whose worlds he helped to expand.

  131. I don’t really now hoe to describe how I feel about this news, I mean I have felt less about close family members dieing…

    All I can hope isn’t that Ari and Caitlin manage to somehow receive this message about how much Shannon meant to me, I don’t think putting it into words would do it justice. I never met Shannon, and outside of some brief Internet encounters he probably didn’t know I existed, but I hoe you know, despite that, how much he meant to me in discovering all these different ways of becoming who I want to be to be.

    All I can say i Thank You for bringing such a wonderful person into my life. Thank You.

  132. I’m so heartbroken to hear this. I really have Shannon and BME to thank for showing me the wonderful world of body modification at a young age. Thank you for opening my world, my eyes, and my mind to it’s endless beautiful possibilities. I never met Shannon, but I know he was an amazing person who had a grand vision of what BME would be. I pray this site never falls to the way side due to his absence. I will never stop coming here, and that is a promise. <3 Rest in peace, my friend.

  133. We are all mortal, and all of us will meet our end, but Shannon met his way too soon.

    The pain is over, friend, peace.

  134. This is so terribly sad.

    I have followed BME for about 6 years now, and Shannon is an inspiration. I would like to say how much of an inspiration he has been for the years since I deeloped an interest in this lifestyle.

    Shannon as represented and presented this lifestly to me from the off. Whatever my level of involvement, he has shown what could be possible, either for me or for others, in the mot supportive light.

    Lots of love to Shannon and to all those who where cloes to him. He was an amazong chap. Let us all live by his example.

    Lots of love



  135. I just found out about Shannon’s passing. I am glad I had the chance to contribute to his book that is his legacy to the community and world at large. He will be missed.

  136. R.I.P LEGEND!! And please people listen to this great mans last wishes for our community and bring back the solidarity and stop the intra-community prejudice. This is the least we can do to up-hold what this now ‘Legendary Individual’ created online for us all to find ourselves in one way or another.
    Mad Respect…. Love goes out to his family.

  137. well said, I cannot agree more. United we stand, divided we fall. it was REALLY great to see / meet everyone at the memorial on Saturday!

  138. Todd it was an absolute pleasure to finally meet you after all these years.

  139. likewise Shawn, and I cannot express my appreciation enough for everyone who gave me a warm welcome. I was not expecting it at all.

  140. likewise Shawn, and I cannot express my appreciation enough for everyone who gave me a warm welcome. I was not expecting it at all.

  141. Im so sorry to hear, hopefully that we can keep this site up, i think that he would want that.

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