Bodmod Punky and His Magic Cheeks

Well…maybe not magical, but most certainly attention grabbing! The last time I remember seeing stretched cheeks close to this size was in the post about our old friend fishmaul back in 2008. You might remember Bodmodpunky from the previous post I did about his deep chest piercings here.

The photo below sparked a little controversy among the piercing community as there were a few viral posts claiming his cheeks were cut from nothing to this size. Honestly nobody had much background on this photo so I decided to go straight to the source!


Bodmodpunky was willing to answer a few quick questions for ModBlog, he is not a native English speaker so a bit of translating was in order.

 Firstly was your cheek initially cut to 30mm?

My cheeks were at 1,6mm for four years before I made the initial cut to 10mm, After 3 Months they healed completely and I made the next cut to 18mm. This healed in 1 Month. I stretched then to 22mm in 1mm increments and yesterday we made the last cut to 30mm. The jewelry was PTFE with 22mm wearable after cutting and Black PMMA with 14mm wearable when completely healed. We didn’t use any stitches only the teflon jewelry.  When you make a smaller initial cut it takes a long time to heal completely. We made a big cut for lower pressure. Cheeks are always trouble when they have too much pressure on them.  The big risk is if you damage your salivary glands, the nerves are no problem.

Who performed the procedures?

Danny from Rock the Body Studio in Baden (CH)

What kind of adversity have you experienced having such an unconventional and visible modification? Are you happy with it today?

People look at me strangely when I’m walking through the city. My life will never the same as before, but i like it and would never want to go back. I’m really happy with all my mods and I’m not finished with my modification. 


19 thoughts on “Bodmod Punky and His Magic Cheeks

  1. Not to be a dick, but after the novelty wears off, the dude is going to be left scratching his head. Those cannot be comfortable. Plus, when the plugs aren’t being worn, he’s left with essentially disfiguring holes in his face. It bothers me when I see younger and younger kids jumping into commitments like this.

  2. I may be wrong but those plugs don’t look comfterable at all. I think he may want to use a more flexible plugs.

  3. What Michael said.

    Ack, just the thought of those plugs rubbing against his teeth… He’s introducing a lot of germs and bacteria into his mouth too, I’d be surprised if this doesn’t result in a LOT of dental work a few years down the road. And what happens when he gets sick of them? I loved my labret for 10 years, I never thought I’d get tired of it…. until I did. I took it out 2 years ago and never put it back in. You can’t just take these out like that. When he decides he’s sick of them hes gonna need thousands of dollars of plastic surgery. His face is all distorted too, this looks so awkward and uncomfortable. Its his body & his choice but…. yikes. I’m not trying to be rude or pee in his Post Toasties, but this just doesn’t seem well thought-out.

  4. Dont me wrong I love body mods but thats just plan crazy. Whats he gunna do wen he gets bored with them.I bet his mum is proud

  5. How’s speech? 🙂 I personally couldn’t even stand piercings around my mouth- even my tongue piercing (so had it split instead ;)), but golly gosh would these would be a challenge haha!

    I imagine I’d have to take a vow of silence if anything this epic was done to my mouth area ha!:p

  6. Ohhh, the things we do when we are young and want to impress. Honestly, those are the only two things I can think of to explain why someone would want a mod like this. Being young…and wanting to be ‘the first’…or to ‘have something unique’. It can’t be comfortable…it isn’t pleasing to the eye…simply put, it is awkward. I kind of feel bad coming across like this, but this was foolish. To add to what supportmutation said in the last comment, these are around the dude’s mouth…they cannot be ignored. Every time he opens his mouth, he is going to feel them. There is no way they are, or will ever be comfortable. They will impact eating, drinking,talking and even simply resting. Plus, it isn’t like he can just take them out when he feels like having a break from them…because there will always be an ‘ugly’ reminder, gouged into his face. I never come down harsh like this about mods, but this one takes the prize. Absolute foolishness and immaturity.

  7. I don’t get the bad vibes in some comments. It’s called his body, his choice…. I think he looks great and I wish him the best with his mods.

  8. I for one am somewhat shocked at the negativity in these comments. Sure, dude has done something kinda crazy for most of us to comprehend, but he had cheek piercings at 1.6 for four years, so knew of some risks involved to his teeth etc. (some peoples cheek piercings never settle down). Are you guys forgetting the ground breaking stuff that bme has been showcasing for the past 20 odd years? its not your face. sure it’d be great to see a follow up to this in a few years, to see how BodModPunky has evolved; but given that Fishmaul was showcased a few years back it seems crazy that seasoned bme fans are so shocked at this modification.

  9. Hi,

    I saw a picture of this guy on Facebook last weekend and been trying to find out who he is, so I can ask him for an interview for a website. Is there any way to contact him or any way you can forward my contact details to him?

    That would be awesome!


  10. Hi,
    I also saw a picture (and a lot of really rude comments) of this guy a few days ago. Sadly his pics already found their way into some “fail compilations”. I would really love to read more on this, are there any updates?
    Here’s a more recent picture I found today: i.imgur. com/A6XnTc3.jpg
    That looks soooo awesome!!!

  11. What absolutely cool mods! I love what this young man has created! While I can understand some folks being surprised by the look, all the criticism and dire warnings about “growing out of” his look are pretty offensive. We know that permanent body mods are, well, permanent! This young man invested a good deal of time to accomplish this appearance, and really could not have avoided thinking about the ramifications and consequences. It took much time and effort, and doubtless he was treated to lots of other folks opinions along the way, just in case he forgot or missed anything. Even if he were determined not to consider what he was getting into, complete strangers doubtless chimed in too often to be ignored over the course of his transformation. The critics and naysayers are shills and puppets of mindless kneejerk conformity, and deserve the punishment they receive- being stuck in their own closed mind. He must have felt a strong desire to embody his imagined modification, to continue in the face of criticism, prejudice and stigma. Salute!

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