We’re still here. We’re not giving up.

I wanted to provide another update since it’s a new year. As you can tell I’ve not managed to import any of the old Moblog content yet, but I’m hoping to work on that soon. I was away for the holiday spending time with family. I believe I have been able to fix the main site billing issues so you should hopefully be able to create new subscriptions or if you had one that expired over the holiday it should renew very soon.

We are continuing to keep the site alive and online and we’re working in the background on some plans for the future. Please stay tuned, as we hope to make some announcements on the future path for BME. Thank you all for the support.


6 thoughts on “We’re still here. We’re not giving up.

  1. In spite of the previous message, involving a lot of context I’m not aware of, I am quite worried about the disappearance of one of the last places on Internet left untouched by the standardization.

    BME is (was?) a place where no Zuckerberg-led censorship restricts people to spread information about trying things on themselves and caring to share their whole experience about it, thereby helping others having the same mindset.

    I’ll be very glad to help in any way I could (I’m a web dev) not to let this island be submerged.

  2. Lev, Ignore that previous person. They are a bitter person with zero knowledge of anything behind the scenes of BME. We’re still here. We’re running into some bumps in the road but we haven’t given up. This site is important to us too. Myself, Jon, Nefarious, and Marks are doing what we can.

  3. `a friend` I did read that blog post when I was searching for solutions. I ended up writing my own combination of scripts to mirror everything on the internet archive and process the html back into a list I could feed into wp-cli. If you look through the archives now you should see that I’ve imported 11 thousand posts and 100’s of thousands of comments. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to make a post about it but we do have some announcements coming soon. Thank you for your help.

    `lev` it’s really been a hard time even keeping things running and we’ve all experienced a great deal of stress over BME’s present state, not to mention its future. We’re working on some new ventures to try and reengage the community. Please stay tuned.

  4. Sorry to hear about your technological problems. Good luck finding fixes, it’s a fantastic site. Looking forward to see what develops, we’re still out here and waiting. Again, best wishes for the future!

  5. Thanks for the update! It really sucks you have to struggle like this, but it’s good you’re not giving up. The world needs more quality body-modification content.

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