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Highly stylized, classy and sensually sexy images of inked models, shot by Christian Saint, a leader in the world of tattoo photography. Using light masterly to caress a woman´s skin, he is highlighting the sexiness of individual body art with a finesse that everybody can fall in love with.

Excitingly determined…
For many years social critics have been trying to make young people aware of the fact that tattoos will last for a lifetime and that the insights of an 18-year-old might differ to the way they perceive things when they are 40. Tattoo Super Models by Christian Saint counters that well made tattoos on beautiful women are simply gorgeous. It is a plea for the courage to beautify oneself permanently, to do this without any fear of regret it once you’re old – because the bravado to really live in the moment is extremely sexy.

(NSFW after the link)

ChristianSaint_ElWood_2 Tattooed model Hattie Watson photography by Christian Saint. Alt tattoo model / singer Leah Jung photographed by Christian Saint. Alt tattooed model Vanessa Lake photographed by Cristian Saint.

Christian Saint is a professional advertising, celebrity and fine art photographer, residing in (Williamsburg) Brooklyn, New York. With over 20 years experience in the commercial world and tired of the industry’s narrow view of beauty, he focused his sites on the tattoo community. Using his knowledge from commercial fashion and beauty, he helps bring “alternative” to the main-stream. With his unique, sophisticated style he has successfully dragged tattoo photography out of hiding, while consistently exciting a large inter-national audience.

Tattoo Super Models features inked beauties with perfect shapes, wearing almost nothing but seductive body art. Using light masterly to caress a woman’s skin, Christian Saint is highlighting the sexiness of individual body art with a finesse that everybody can fall in love with. Elegant, capriciously and truly sexy.

Publisher: GOLIATH
ISBN 13: 978-3-95730-000-3
Size/Format: 5.5” x 8.5” / 14,5 x 21,5 cm
144 Pages / Seiten
English, German, Français, Español, Italiano
US$ 34.95 – £ 22.99 – Euro 24,90

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