Handpoked Breast and Nipple Tattoos

Grace Neutral, a tattoo artist who specializes in handpoked work and is based in South London (although she travels regularly so don’t let that limit you — find her on Facebook or Tumblr) just did this incredible set of breast/nipple tattoos on Rebecka. Painwise, she tells me that the nipples hurt like crazy, but that it’s likely that doing them handpoked rather than grinding the ink in with a machine probably reduced the pain significantly. Click either picture for a bigger version.



Feminine Horns

In all honesty, the aesthetic of horn implants isn’t for me, but this pair is nice and subtle and seem to suit Rebecca Davis perfectly. It’s like she was born with them!

Generally horn implants are pretty noticeable, so I was curious what her reasoning was for going with something a little less bold.

“Well I wanted to start off small to see how I liked them. After they healed I realized that most people don’t notice them so I don’t get stopped that often by random people saying “wuts that in ur head!?”. I like that I can hide them if I need to, they are like a surprise!”

The implant procedure was performed by Tony Snow, and photography is by Marshall Bradford.

Senja Sidoro Framed

I’m watching the incredibly cheesy Samuel Jackson reality-tv gladiator movie Arena on one monitor and editing tasteful classic photos of the beautiful Senja Sidoro on the other. So while half of my brain reminiscences about one of the stranger consulting gigs I ever did, creating a an untrackable video site for broadcasting biker-run dog fights (and handling the gambling on them) — one of the many things I’m not terribly proud of — I’m calming the guilt into submission with Photoshop filters and burying it with layers. In any case, here are some pictures of Senja Sidoro practicing with makeup — in the one image you can see an unpainted face next to what she made with makeup leftovers (click here to see it true, without all my editing). I like her piercings of course, and in this age of mega-implants, it’s somehow very friendly seeing a couple of dainty first-gen horns. By the way, if Senja seems familiar to you, it might be because she’s married to Lassi (scar.fi), is a talented performer in her own right, and founded Helsinki’s Başka Theater Group — find her on Facebook at SouciJawsDerringer.

Well, I think I’m all Photoshopped out for one day. Click to zoom.



Pierced Wings Photoshoot

Speaking of Baz Black (Dundalk, Ireland), he also sent me these absolutely beautiful play piercing shots. They were taken at Red Tree Studios by Maik, with Baz having done the black wings on Suki Syndrome, and the white wings were done by Edel Walsh on Sara Tonin. It’s not uncommon to use feathers in play piercing photoshoots, but these stand out — I love the final tone of the images, they look almost like paintings, like the sort of thing I imagine hanging in some deviant Austrian art fan’s apartment at the start of the 20th century, perhaps next to their Klimt painting. Click to zoom in.

maik2t maik3t


Guess What Plus Implants

I want to start off with a “guess what”… Click to see if you were right.


The mod you see in that picture is on Walker Bod Mod and was done by Oscar Kbza Santos. While I’m talking about Oscar, I wanted to show you his hand implants, because they’re a little unusual — unique would be a better word.


That reminds me that I’ve been meaning to show you Sandy from True Body Art, a beautiful looking studio in Zurich. Anyway, I spent some time looking at her hand implants, trying to figure out what they are — my first guess was some sort of I Ching symbol.


The truth more enigmatic and amusing — it’s actually a random shape devoid of specific meaning, and is there to confuse the viewer!!! This is especially funny because Sandy isn’t some strange troll that no one sees, or that when they do see, are afraid of them… She’s actually a very beautiful model in addition to being a body modification artist, so these unusual implants have been featured in the work of many photographers (the photo on the left is by Siete Ramirez, and the one on the right is by Dark-Style Fotografie), and I’m sure as a result a great deal of time has been spent pondering their meaning. She has an implant on her chest as well that is similarly strange. I always enjoy people who have a sense of humor.


Oh and you can click that picture for one last shot.

Beauty comes in all flavors

Personally I prefer the beauty of a modified person, but in no way do I think that’s what’s right for everyone. Beyond a few basic rules of aesthetics (and even they are debatable), this is a matter that is very much in the eye of the beholder. But one of the objective things I love about modified beauty is that it is self-actualized. It seizes control away from the biological lottery and the luck of who your ancestors are, and makes the transformative statement, “I will be whoever I choose to be”. That alone I find incredibly attractive… the idea that the beauty can arise from an act of will, a conscious dominance over fate.


On the left is Mary Jose Cristerna, and on the right is Martyna Wojciechowska. I must add that Martyna is plenty modified herself, although it’s not obvious in this particular photo, so everything I said above is true of her as well, if perhaps to a different degree.