BME Bling for Charity!

Gregory was kind enough to make these 1 1/2″ Stainless Steel Single Flare TeamBME Bling eyelets while he was making the TeamBME Logo Plugs and Eyelets as well as the Dr. BME Plugs and Eyelets. I’ve decided to auction them off and donate the proceeds to charity. The bidding will run via the comment forum below and the winner will be contacted via email with a link to buy them through the shop. These are one of a kind and will not be made again!

Places your bids in the comments below, make sure to enter in your correct email address so that I can contact you January 1st when the bidding ends! Hope you’re all having a great holiday! I’m off to work on the year end awards!

Full Coverage: Links From All Over (Dec. 17, 2008)

Jud Winters (Photo source:

[] Sad story here, folks. Last week, Jud Winters, a 21-year-old tattoo artist in Nampa, Idaho, was severely burned after trying to light a bonfire, sustaining second- and third-degree burns on 90 per cent of his body. He’s undergone two surgeries already, just to remove burned tissue, and doctors are only putting his chances of survival at 30 per cent. The Garrity Tattoo Shop in Nampa is holding a raffle to raise money for Winters’s family, the statement for which can be read below:

Jud Winters, a 21 yr. old Nampa tattoo artist, was recently involved in a horrific burning incident which resulted in the loss of 90% of his skin. He is clinging to life at the SLC Burn Center, with a 30% chance of survival, and his family by his side. On Behalf of Jud Winters’ family, Garrity Tattoo will be hosting a raffle of donated items to help benefit them, and help assure that their basic needs (food, clothing, shelter) are met during this time. We are currently asking for donations of every type, and plan to raffle the items with a drawing and appreciation BBQ scheduled for Saturday December 20th at 12:30. This young victim’s life will be forever changed, as will the lives of all who knew and loved him. During this time, where we are so powerless to help Jud directly, we must not forget the ever growing needs of his family, and do our part to assure that his family knows that their community is here for them. As the month progresses, and the donations are made, we will keep an updated listing of raffle items available in our MySpace blog. Please tell everyone you know that for the price of a $2 raffle ticket, they could win some great stuff, and support a great family with firm ties to our community. Come by the shop at 3116 Garrity Blvd (18) today to donate your items and buy your tickets! If you have any questions, please call 461-3181

The shop has received tons of donations already — gift certificates from other tattoo shops, rare albums, sporting goods — and really, this is about as good a cause to support as any. If you’re in the Nampa area, try to pay the shop a visit.

This link features video of a news broadcast about the story.

[] Ha ha, now this is a great idea. If this terrible recession has left you jobless and hopeless and hungry, how about you, I don’t know, get some temporary tattoos on your eyelids? For money? Sure, why not.

With the credit crunch continuing to bite why not try an alternative way of making money by renting out your eyelids as advertising space. is offering people the chance to earn 10 pence per wink in return for displaying the company’s logo on their eyelid space. People who sign up to star in the campaign will have the logo temporarily transferred onto their eyelid and will be paid on a Pay Per Wink (PPW) basis – up to a total of £100 per model.

Amy Rebours of says:

“We all take notice when we’re being winked at so what better way to advertise than on people’s eyelids. It’s a genuine marketing first, which encourages people to spread a feel-good winking moment and earn some much-needed extra income in the process.”

A “marketing first” indeed! I can’t believe nobody has never thought of paying people to, huh, blink? Really? I’m kind of surprised that these marketing geniuses behind this one didn’t get “Pay Per Wink” trademarked, as this is clearly the new frontier.

[] Here’s a good one: Some donkey gets pulled over for some reason, tries to give the cops a fake name, but, whoops, he had his name tattooed on his neck:

Darnell Frazier, 25, and a friend were pulled up by a police officer in St. Paul, Minnesota, reports the Star Tribune.

Frazier told the officer he had never had a photo ID and claimed his name was Darnell Lewis.

The officer, however, noticed that the man had “Frazier” tattooed in large letters on the side of his neck.

Police spokesman Peter Panos said Frazier was arrested on four misdemeanour warrants, including driving while disqualified and no proof of insurance.

Frazier then tried to flirt with the officer, batting his eyelashes repeatedly, but forgot that he had his initials temporarily imprinted on his eyelids, thereby giving up the game even further. He did, however, make a cool 60 pence, which is something, I guess.

[] Rachel posted this last night, but here it is again for good measure — her words follow:

Canvas Los Angeles, the boutique and gallery of the tattooer arts, was robbed on December 12th. Thankfully, none of the gallery’s staff were injured, but sadly, two pieces of artwork were stolen. The two pieces stolen were by Alex Garcia and Guy Aitchison.

This was a truly despicable act. It’s a violation, pure and simple, without any justification whatsoever, and it’s an insult to both the art and tattoo communities. Theft of any sort is inexcusable, but when you steal work from an artist, you steal the thing they produce, and you rob them of their livelihood.

What we want more than anything else is simply for these pieces to be returned. If those responsible for this theft bring the paintings back, or if they are otherwise returned unharmed, Canvas LA will not press charges. All we want is for the pieces to be returned to the gallery — this is really just a matter of supporting our community, plain and simple.

“Minty Fresh Death” is oil on masonite while “AutoMech #2″ is acrylic on canvas. Both paintings are approximately 8×10 and were framed at the time they were stolen. Please keep an eye out on eBay and anywhere else you may see art for sale or displayed, and report anything you see to [email protected]. Thank you all for your help and support.

Full Coverage: Links From All Over (Dec. 5, 2008)

Photo source:

[Adam Riff] Jon over at Adam Riff, operating, as always, at full slaying power, has been following this “hot dog tattoo” trend for a little over a week now, with sexy delicious results:

A link to a tattoo of a hot dog in a leather jacket led to a tattoo of a hot dog squirting condiments on her breasts and free records for anyone who gets a tattoo of a hot dog and a comment from someone who claims to have seen a tattoo of the Black Flag logo with hot dogs in place of the bars.

So, um … anyone got some awesome hot dog tattoos to share? Or had one in mind for ages? Now’s the time, friends.

[ABC Local] Quick one here: Do you live in the Toledo, Ohio, area and have an old musical instrument kicking around? Well, bring it on by to Juki’s Tattoo and Body Piercing, who will be donating these instruments to the Imagine Madison Avenue School of Arts, and you’ll get yourself a free tattoo out of the deal. If you bring in a new, unwrapped toy, those will be donated to children in local homeless shelters, and you’ll receive half-off a new tattoo. Get to it, Toledo.

[Daily Camera] So, here’s something: Aimee Heckel over at the Daily Camera has long suffered from debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, but, a few months ago, got a cleavage surface piercing, and the anxiety ceased. She theorizes:

Several weeks later, I was at my acupuncturist. I told him about my piecing. I asked him if the rod through my chest could affect the flow of my energy, or “chi” in Eastern medicine. If sticking tiny acupuncture needles into your body can transform you, what about a more permanent puncture?

He looked at where I was pierced and smiled.

“You pieced two exact acupuncture points,” he said. “The anxiety points.”

Acupuncturists place needles there to reduce panic attacks, insomnia and anxiety. The increased blood flow and changed direction of the energy there often eliminates panic attacks, he said. I had never talked to him about my struggles with anxiety.

Which is when I realized I have not had an attack since I got the piercing.

Still haven’t.

It’s interesting, to say the very least — especially considering Heckel didn’t get the piercing with the intention of addressing her anxiety, and that that as just an after-effect that it took her a while to notice. Her article then goes on to discuss something called Ear Stapling, which is basically just a tragus piercing, I guess? But the woman who does it claims it does all sorts of magical things:

Ear stapling has been around for over 20 years and is fast becoming one of the most sought after innovative alternative methods to stop smoking, and to lose weight. A small surgical stainless steel device is strategically placed in the inner cartilage of the ear to target certain reflex points in the ear. The staples work by applying pressure to the ear reflex points, which send signals to the brain, causing endorphins to release, and communicate with your body.

[BBC] I’ve been forgetting to post this, but the BBC recently put together a documentary slideshow about tattoo culture within South African prisons, with some really stunning photography of many former inmates. This is absolutely worth your time.

[Removable Parts] Are you in Toronto? Do you like musicals? Having a lingering fascination with voluntary amputation? Well hot holy damn, Serendipity wants to give you a thundering high-five, because Removable Parts, a musical about voluntary amputation (seriously) is rolling into The Music Gallery in Toronto tomorrow night, with tickets on sale for $15. (More ticket info can be found on their Facebook page HERE.)

But what does a song about voluntary amputation sound like, you ask? Well, take a peek over at the Songs page and you can listen to .mp3s of “Fingers,” “Hands” and “Castration.” Some sample lyrics:

I understand your frustration
But for me castration
Well, it’s an evolutionary decision
I want to be more than just a breeder
I want to be a leader
And sometimes you just have to know when to quit

Why would I pass along these defective genes
They’ve caused me nothing but trouble
There comes a point when survival by any means
Is just not worth the struggle

You’ve always said that my erection
Could use a vivisection
But no one will castrate the rank and file
So I’ll have to become a pedophile
For the treatment I deserve

Sometimes, I feel like the human race will do just fine.

Full Coverage: Links From All Over — Charity Edition!

[First Giving] When Chris Mischler was 16, his 57-year-old dad, a diabetes sufferer, died of a heart attack. Years later, he’s decided to raise awareness (and money, naturally) to help fight diabetes, though not through your traditional charity-runs or what have you. No: Mischler is turning himself into Mr. T.

A month ago, I had a full head of hair, no beard, no piercings, and no tattoos. I challenged my friends, family and coworkers to raise money for diabetes research, and at specified targets, I would make myself look more like Mr. T. They reached all the goals faster than I ever imagined, and pretty much turned a normal guy from Milwaukee into a Mr. T look-alike, albeit much smaller and more pale.

[...] I don’t have an unhealthy obsession with him. I mean, like any other guy my age, I thought he was cool when I was a kid. The challenge started out as a way to get people at my workplace to donate, and I thought the Mr. T hair would be a good bet because nobody thought I would really do it. Now, well, it’s sort of taken on a life of its own.

Mischler, thus far, has grown a beard, dyed his blond hair black, shaved his head into a mohawk and gotten an ear piercing, all to the tune of $500 raised. But now that he’s hit that mark, he’s raising the bar — now, he’s (hopefully) getting tattooed.

The next challenge is:
Phase 5:
$2,500 by Nov 9, 2008
“I Pity The Fool!” tattoo on my arm

Followed by the following challenges, at 2 week intervals, if each goal is met in time:
Phase 6: $7,500 A portrait of Mr. T above the text “I Pity The Fool!”
Phase 7: $20,000 The size of the tattoo doubles, to take up most of my upper arm
Phase 8: $50,000 An A-Team collage ‘quarter-sleeve’ tattoo
Phase 9: $100,000 A full A-Team collage tattoo on my back

Permission to editorialize? This guy is awesome. The sponsorship prices are steep, and, truth be told, I’m not sure what the chances are of anyway contributing $100,000 to see him get an A-Team backpiece (although God knows someone should), but this guy’s got a premise and he’s sticking to it. He’s at almost $2,000 now, which is nearing the mark for an “I Pity The Fool!” banner. Pass it on.

Photo source:

[Rescue Ink] See those guys over there? The big, muscly ones? With all the tattoos? Who look like they just finished burning a series of villages to the ground? Who do not in any way look like they appreciate the stinkeye you’re giving them right now?

They’re actually pretty big sweethearts, and are part of the team behind Rescue Ink, an organization devoted to saving abused and neglected animals by any means necessary. The day jobs of these guys include firefighting, championship weightlifting and bodybuilding, martial arts training, auto mechanics, and one guy was even a detective with the NYPD. All of which is to say, these guys are for real, and are all bound by a common love of animals:

We formed Rescue Ink™ because the problem of animal abuse and neglect has grown beyond the resources of the existing animal welfare agencies. We love the work done by some of the local shelters, but they cannot possibly keep pace with the volume of problems that need to be addressed.

That’s where Rescue Ink™ comes in. We will stop at nothing within the bounds of the law to protect animals at risk. We will intercede without hesitation when we are informed of a situation that needs to be addressed, and we will address it. If we need to convince people to do the right thing … we can be very convincing, we’ll even buy animals if that’s what it takes to get them away from abusers.

Among the programs and services they offer and participate in are puppy mill awareness sessions, feral cat neutering, animal housing workshops and anti-dogfighting activism, and they’re always looking for volunteers. Just don’t screw them over, because oh my God they can hurt you.

[] So, down in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival is hosting its annual Tattoo For Community fundraiser this weekend, during which literally 100 percent of all proceeds from tattoo work go to benefit the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank. In addition, the studio is holding a canned-food drive — bring three cans or more, and you get $10 off any piercing.

“With the economy being so bad and so many people losing their jobs, we decided it was more important than ever to support the Food Bank,” [Kenny] Brown, [co-owner of the shop] said.

[...] “We are trying to feed 30 families with the same funding we used for feeding 10,” she said. “This is a great time of need for the bank.”

Brown said that his own business is also suffering from the current economic crisis.

“We might have to save a few of those cans for ourselves,” Brown joked.

Sarcasm aside, Brown is serious about his philanthropy.

“Every year it gets harder to find the time and money for charity,” he said. “This is our way of giving back and keeping our ties with the community.”