Full Coverage: Links From All Over (Dec. 5, 2008)

Photo source: http://www.capohedz.com/typebrighter/

[Adam Riff] Jon over at Adam Riff, operating, as always, at full slaying power, has been following this “hot dog tattoo” trend for a little over a week now, with sexy delicious results:

A link to a tattoo of a hot dog in a leather jacket led to a tattoo of a hot dog squirting condiments on her breasts and free records for anyone who gets a tattoo of a hot dog and a comment from someone who claims to have seen a tattoo of the Black Flag logo with hot dogs in place of the bars.

So, um … anyone got some awesome hot dog tattoos to share? Or had one in mind for ages? Now’s the time, friends.

[ABC Local] Quick one here: Do you live in the Toledo, Ohio, area and have an old musical instrument kicking around? Well, bring it on by to Juki’s Tattoo and Body Piercing, who will be donating these instruments to the Imagine Madison Avenue School of Arts, and you’ll get yourself a free tattoo out of the deal. If you bring in a new, unwrapped toy, those will be donated to children in local homeless shelters, and you’ll receive half-off a new tattoo. Get to it, Toledo.

[Daily Camera] So, here’s something: Aimee Heckel over at the Daily Camera has long suffered from debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, but, a few months ago, got a cleavage surface piercing, and the anxiety ceased. She theorizes:

Several weeks later, I was at my acupuncturist. I told him about my piecing. I asked him if the rod through my chest could affect the flow of my energy, or “chi” in Eastern medicine. If sticking tiny acupuncture needles into your body can transform you, what about a more permanent puncture?

He looked at where I was pierced and smiled.

“You pieced two exact acupuncture points,” he said. “The anxiety points.”

Acupuncturists place needles there to reduce panic attacks, insomnia and anxiety. The increased blood flow and changed direction of the energy there often eliminates panic attacks, he said. I had never talked to him about my struggles with anxiety.

Which is when I realized I have not had an attack since I got the piercing.

Still haven’t.

It’s interesting, to say the very least — especially considering Heckel didn’t get the piercing with the intention of addressing her anxiety, and that that as just an after-effect that it took her a while to notice. Her article then goes on to discuss something called Ear Stapling, which is basically just a tragus piercing, I guess? But the woman who does it claims it does all sorts of magical things:

Ear stapling has been around for over 20 years and is fast becoming one of the most sought after innovative alternative methods to stop smoking, and to lose weight. A small surgical stainless steel device is strategically placed in the inner cartilage of the ear to target certain reflex points in the ear. The staples work by applying pressure to the ear reflex points, which send signals to the brain, causing endorphins to release, and communicate with your body.

[BBC] I’ve been forgetting to post this, but the BBC recently put together a documentary slideshow about tattoo culture within South African prisons, with some really stunning photography of many former inmates. This is absolutely worth your time.

[Removable Parts] Are you in Toronto? Do you like musicals? Having a lingering fascination with voluntary amputation? Well hot holy damn, Serendipity wants to give you a thundering high-five, because Removable Parts, a musical about voluntary amputation (seriously) is rolling into The Music Gallery in Toronto tomorrow night, with tickets on sale for $15. (More ticket info can be found on their Facebook page HERE.)

But what does a song about voluntary amputation sound like, you ask? Well, take a peek over at the Songs page and you can listen to .mp3s of “Fingers,” “Hands” and “Castration.” Some sample lyrics:

I understand your frustration
But for me castration
Well, it’s an evolutionary decision
I want to be more than just a breeder
I want to be a leader
And sometimes you just have to know when to quit

Why would I pass along these defective genes
They’ve caused me nothing but trouble
There comes a point when survival by any means
Is just not worth the struggle

You’ve always said that my erection
Could use a vivisection
But no one will castrate the rank and file
So I’ll have to become a pedophile
For the treatment I deserve

Sometimes, I feel like the human race will do just fine.

31 thoughts on “Full Coverage: Links From All Over (Dec. 5, 2008)

  1. It’s making me feel a bit squicky actually. The thought of biting into a miniature lady with fused, hotdog-like legs, as she screams, and you make your way towards her top half…aaargh.

    Removable Parts sounds awesome though.

  2. Has BME really fallen so far that it is now stealing content from the blogs that used to steal content from BME?

    Talk about jumping the shark. Three jeers for Jordan, the boy who killed ModBlog.

  3. MrPibb: Do you know what it means to steal content? Do you realize this is a news post — and a light-hearted one at that, that is supposed to be funny and that I (wrongly) assumed would have been impervious to over-analytical grudge-bearers — and gives credit to the site from which the image came, and does not at any point claim that it’s a BME image? Also, BME extends far beyond the small section of ModBlog, so even with me totally killing this blog, as I surely am, there’s still an entire, massive web site that remains untouched by my grubby, destructive fingers.

  4. MrPibb – Did you read the title of this post and the other posts that appear around the same time every Friday?

    Links from all over.. Linking isn’t theft, it’s linking :).

  5. Mmmm, grubby destructive fingers. I’m gonna use that phrase in the next BME fanfic piece that I write.

  6. you two dumwads going “buuuuut someone else posted it first” doesn’t make it ok. how about you CreDIT the tattoo artist? oh right you can’t because you are reposting a stolen picture. bme gets all whiny when someone does this to them, but now they do it when they feel like it. fakir musafar is rolling over in his grave, you wanna-be mod bloggers.

  7. Unless I am missing something, I believe Fakir Musafar is still alive! He was at APP back in April.

  8. My friend Ben has a smiling hotdog on his arm. Why? Because it makes himself, and anyone else who sees it, smile too. :)

  9. No one posts the infamous tattoo of a North American Indian woman humping a corn dog?

    It was on every “bad tattoos, check these out!” site known to the internet – where I think I may have seen the above one also.

    To be fair, though, the place I saw those had them segregated into “nice enough tattoos, as tattoos go, but the subject matter – WTF?” category which was not so much hating, as just “WTF? Could be cool, heck, is cool, but.. wha…? We want details” category. The diner breakfast on top of a bald head often showed up there as well.

    The truly bad tattoos from my POV had wonky line work or bad perspective, typos, art where clearly line X should have been in front of line Y but the artist mixed it up, etc. Still a lot of them were fixable – plenty of them were taken from repair photoshoots, just the “before” pics.

  10. im sick of people ranting about ‘how bme is crap now’ in every post. if u dont like what these guys are doing then fuck off and stop reading it.

    Thanks for all ur hard work Jordan and Roo and the team. i enjoy reading every article every day on modblog.

  11. This is the first time I’ve felt inclined to thank Roo and Jordan for their work just to counter the bullshit comments.

    Seriously guys, thank you. These are great posts, I never would’ve found that BBC slideshow otherwise.

    Is it the same few people complaining after every post that isn’t some ground-breaking new modification?

    Anyways, Fakir isn’t dead. Fail.

  12. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but this whole change happened in early July, right? That’s about five months ago. If you’re STILL not over it, stop reading Modblog. Five months is a long time to continue reading something you hate, especially if its for the sole purpose of bitching about it. Perhaps its time to seek counseling for your unresolved issues if you are so unable to move forward in your life. Modblog is great, but I doubt the anyone wants you to put a pause on life for it.

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  14. My tragus piercing doesn’t release endorphins. Maybe it’s placed incorrectly to, um, apply pressure to my ear reflex points? I will take this up with my piercer and demand that he staple the hell out of it. Although I seem to be losing weight just fine, assuming it’s the tragus that caused me to stop eating.

    Are there any other magical piercings I should know about? Perhaps a properly placed genital piercing would prevent ovulation? Teach me.

  15. instead of yes-man kissing jordan’s ass when someone says “bme has gone to shit lately” you ought to consider that they’re trying to be “helpful” not “hurtful”. since jordan took over modblog’s reach has dropped 50%!

  16. take your heads out of the sand. dude is destroying the site.

    numbers make it clear.

    don’t tell the people who can see that to go away, or you’ll be left with fools who can’t even tell there’s a problem. fix the problem. i’m doing my part by commenting and sending in good material, but the bloggers need to pull their heads out of their asses and do some good work. a few cruddy posts a day? wtf. roo and s— used to post ten great things a day. rehire s— if jordan can’t do it. pay an indian dude. whatever. just do it.

  17. Ok, put the crack down. Why do you even care if the site’s reach is declining? Do you own it? Do you advertise on it? Correlation =/= causation. Your theory may be correct, but have you ever considered the impact the body piercing/tattooing boom has on websites? BME and modblog used to have a near corner on the market as far as a lot modifications were concerned. So the world is starting to open its eyes a little, and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. This happens all the time.

    I’m not sure what good quadruple posting is going to do you, other than make you look like a spastic idiot. S- as you like to call him is a former editor, so go figure he would have his own name moderated. Contrary to popular belief, people bitching about the quality of the site is not a new thing – this has been happening as long as the site has been around.

    Here’s the DL – we have “new” editors on Modblog. Get over it. Spam commenting on Modblog doesn’t change a thing. Even if you were able to convert a million people to your way of thinking, BME is not a democracy, and the owners and editors will do what they like with it. I know I’m not the first to suggest you find a different forum for your more intelligent discussion.

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