Yes, it’s a tongue corset

I know, I know, you’re probably looking at this saying “this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen”, but let me give it a little context. Piercer Daniel (of Los 13 Tattoo in Sao Paulo) did this on his friend Fernanda Tsukada at the 2º Encontro Internacional de Tatuadores e Body Piercings do Brasil in July, hoping to win first place in the exotic piercing category… a desire which he achieved, taking home the gold medal or whatever it is they gave as recognition — the most important part being the motivation to continue creating unusual and gorgeous body play. Now, for those that think this is silly, I want to point out one very, very important thing: 99% of the corsets that are done are not done using jewelry that is suitable for long term wear. They are temporary projects. So why is it any worse to do it on a tongue, where at least there won’t be any long term scars left by the game, plus you can bet you’re giving the wearer and the public something they’ve rarely seen before? So what do you think… Is this over the line? Did we cross the line a long time ago? Or are you like me, and you deny the existence of the line entirely?


10 thoughts on “Yes, it’s a tongue corset

  1. Line, shmine. No such thing. If intentions are right and performed properley its amazing what can be done. I love the unusual posts!!!

  2. To each their own. I think it wouldn’t be half as bad if the placement was farther apart (so when threaded up, the jewelry didn’t practically touch) and threaded with something not as bulky. When you do a corset on the back it’s temporary but you can at least do something with it for a little while… I’m not sure how this would work even on an ultra temporary basis!

  3. If there was a line we bull dozed over it long ago. I, for one, stand with you on that. I’m really enjoying your posts.

  4. omg ! *-* IS MY CORSET!

    my facebook is : Fernanda Tsukada, add me 🙂
    Thanks BME Zine

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