Amazing Freefall Suspension Swing

Here’s the latest video — the sixth run — from Sinner Team who have been defining the art of free-fall suspension. In this incredible video they climb up on top of some huge derelict warehouse in Russia that looks like it’s the size of a small city and jump through a skylight to get a just massive swing. I’m always struck by the brilliant and complexity of the rigging in these videos — these guys really know their stuff. If they didn’t, well, they’d be dead. This is not the sort of thing you want to do without massive amounts of experience and expertise keeping you and your team safe. Don’t miss the previous posts on Sinner Team here on ModBlog. They’re all amazing.

Free-Fall Knee Suspension

For their 35th free-fall suspension, The Sinner Team changed things up and attempted a difficult six-point free-fall knee suspension, pierced with six hooks, three horizontal placements stacked vertically over each knee (and a back-up safety harness in case of failure of course). There were 10m (32 feet) of free-fall, with the exit point at 25m (82 feet), and Stanislav says he was quite surprised with the amount of stress it put on his leg muscles even though the jump was perfectly staged to minimize this. That said, he was able to walk just fine the next day, although he only weighs 67kg (150 lbs) and warns that if anyone heavier were to attempt this that he feels there is a good chance of injury. Note that the stress on the legs is more because of the jump itself, not the hooks per se, which are of course not passing through muscle tissue!

Amazing, forward thinking, and most of all, responsible work as always. I say it every time, but to me The Sinner Team really does it right, and it makes me so happy to see the way they operate. Following are some screen-caps from the video, and then the video itself on Vimeo. If you haven’t already done so, browse all their videos here. Be sure to note a few things besides just being wowed and writing September 1st, 2012 in your body modification almanac as the first ever free-fall knee suspension — for example, the fact that the hooks didn’t tear at all, the incredibly complex and professional rigging, the many small details to ensure safety, to say nothing of the beautiful documentation they keep. My hat is so far off to these guys that I’m pretty sure it’s colonizing Mars right now.