It’s not a dick!

I’m going to go out on a limb and say you guys won’t be able to guess what this image is.. Nope, you’ve got no chance. Just save yourself the mental torment of trying to figure out what’s been blurred and click through to see this shaved beauty infused gently with saline.


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Whip-Its: Not Just For Getting the Spins Under the Bleachers Anymore

And here we have a gentleman showing off a prize-winning gourd from his garden! Right? Wait a second. That’s…that’s not a gourd at all, is it? Oh…. It’s a man who has inflated his genitals with nitrous oxide, isn’t it?

I think it would be nice to show people interested in saline inflations that N2O (laughing gas, nitrous oxide) inflations are possible as well. I’m doing this since nearly 10 years without any side effect ecxept gigantic orgasms! It takes about one minute to inflate this big and another 60 minutes to deflate. My N2O source is a cream whipper that I use for this purpose only. The setup is quite simple: it’s the same setup as with saline, but instead of a saline bag just connect the cream whipper and pull the trigger slooowly…

The standard disclaimer that we haven’t tried this and this could potentially be dangerous and this shouldn’t be treated as a guide or recommendation of any sort applies in full here, but man alive…this is as wild (and impressive!) as anything we’re likely to see today. More shots after the jump, and of course, these are all click-throughable.

See, this sort of thing is not without its risks: He is gonna poke his damn eye out if he keeps this up.

I sat in some gum.”