It’s Exactly What You Think It Is

Photo by Regina.

Phone rings.

Reckoner: Hello?

Buddy: Hey, it’s me. What are you up to tonight?

Reckoner: Oh, hey. Actually, I was about to go for a run. Probably shower after that, get some reading done, and put some dinner together. And after that I was planning on taking some photos with a Spiderman toy riding my dick. So, kind of a busy night, actually.

Buddy: What are you having for dinner? Wait, what? You’re going to have a Spiderman toy …

Reckoner: … riding my dick, yes. Well, it actually depends on how you look at it. One person may see it and think, “Hey, that Spiderman’s got one hell of a cock on him. Nice.” Whereas the more cultured viewer may think, “Why, Spiderman is riding that dick like it’s an A-bomb, Dr. Strangelove-style! What an odd yet surprisingly rewarding mélange of cultural references!” So there are really a lot of levels at work here.

Buddy: I see.

Reckoner: Anyway, the point is that I’ve got a pretty full dance card, but maybe we could get together later in the week. Oh, you wouldn’t happen to have any old G.I. Joe action figures, would you?

Buddy: Absolutely not.

Reckoner: Don’t sweat it. Talk to you soon.