It’s Exactly What You Think It Is

Photo by Regina.

Phone rings.

Reckoner: Hello?

Buddy: Hey, it’s me. What are you up to tonight?

Reckoner: Oh, hey. Actually, I was about to go for a run. Probably shower after that, get some reading done, and put some dinner together. And after that I was planning on taking some photos with a Spiderman toy riding my dick. So, kind of a busy night, actually.

Buddy: What are you having for dinner? Wait, what? You’re going to have a Spiderman toy …

Reckoner: … riding my dick, yes. Well, it actually depends on how you look at it. One person may see it and think, “Hey, that Spiderman’s got one hell of a cock on him. Nice.” Whereas the more cultured viewer may think, “Why, Spiderman is riding that dick like it’s an A-bomb, Dr. Strangelove-style! What an odd yet surprisingly rewarding mélange of cultural references!” So there are really a lot of levels at work here.

Buddy: I see.

Reckoner: Anyway, the point is that I’ve got a pretty full dance card, but maybe we could get together later in the week. Oh, you wouldn’t happen to have any old G.I. Joe action figures, would you?

Buddy: Absolutely not.

Reckoner: Don’t sweat it. Talk to you soon.

63 thoughts on “It’s Exactly What You Think It Is

  1. One of the best posts i’ve seen in forever, really just because of the “conversation” had below.

  2. all i can say is rofl… i removed my frenulum coz the skin got iritatet to much…i miss it…the girls too xD

  3. #3 – are you kidding?

    The last week had been the best mod blog in forever.
    Interesting pictures, back stories or commentary to go with them.


  4. 14 – Better forget about this website entirely

    God forbid a – FREEEEEE — blog on modification wastes 2mins of your time.

  5. The first thing I thought when I saw this was “wow, that is a really nicely articulated action figure”.

  6. Basil, if you don’t lighten up and learn to laugh once in a while, you are going to be absolutely miserable, forever. Also, if this doesn’t suit your fancy, there are literally hundreds of thousands of pictures on for you to look at. Alternately, please submit your own excellent photos and we’ll be happy to feature them. Much obliged.

  7. What’s with the “modblog has gone down hill” talk? No it hasn’t. Maybe it’s just not showing anything YOU are interested in.

    I liked this photo. It made me laugh.

  8. # RooRaaah Crumbs on November 25th, 2008 at 8:47 pm:

    Spidey cock!
    Spidey cock!
    Does whatever a spidey cock does!
    can he swing from a web?
    No he can’t
    He’s a cock!
    Here comes the spidey cock!!

    is it an airplane…? Nooooo
    is it an rocket….? noooooo

    it’s the amazing spidey with a big cock…

    LoL… best laugh i had this week

  9. 34. I don’t think people who don’t find a spiderman holding a cack are narrow minded.

    Peope are way too easily entertained these days. I mean come on, really, what is THAT funny about a spiderman toy being placed to look like he is holding a penis? Really, no much. I’m not bitching about it, it’s one post, but don’t think people are narrow minded because they don’t fall in line with the rest of the sheep laughing.

    If that could make my whole week….I am really not doing something right.

  10. Oh god, I cant believe this picture got on the front page!! I took this picture! :D
    Ohhhhh how I love that spideycock. <3

  11. I hope he washes that before he gives it back to his kids. I wonder what it smells like… (the toy!)

  12. #36, lighten up dear its a bit of fun, if you think your better than it, then go out side once and a while


    (hello any bjser)

  13. i love when people complain about something that is for all purposes free to the public. If u don’t like it than don’t come back. If you have a IAM membership than just browse through the galleries if all you want to see is images of mods. Personally I love the little bits of randomness.

  14. Wow.. Freakin crazy. I was driving home for Thanksgiving and my friend calls me.. “OMG did you see modblog!!” I just put it up there being silly. The thought that it would get put on modblog never even crossed my mind :P

    It was truly an honor to make the day a little less serious for some, and to all dem haterz out there, sorry I pissed in your cheerios, I guess?

  15. People are complimenting a 4″ cock and a poorly placed 14ga frenum with a bad choice of jewelry??? Bad cock, bad piercing, bad post. Thank god Roo is back posting, I for one don’t need to see another picture of Jordan’s little weewee.

  16. I had the same spiderman toy. But my dog ate it. (I wish I was joking) :( I miss him.

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