This ain’t your daddy’s pokemon

Oh sure, it may bear a passing resemblance to Ninetails, but that’s because Ninetails was based off of the Kitsune, a Japanese fox spirit, which is known to have as many as nine tails.  It’s also refreshing to see a Kitsune done in a different style than traditional Japanese tattoos, if only for a change in pace.

Tattoo by Cliff (Z) Ziegler from Zebra Tattooz in Streetsboro, OH

Rise Above

Tattoos can have intensely personal significance to those who get them.  We all know this.  This particular tattoo by Jackie Rabbit is one of those.  The owner is a friend of Jackie’s who has led a life of hardship and struggle.  However at this point in his life things are finally looking up, and this tattoo celebrates that.  It is meant to symbolize him rising above his struggles, becoming a better person because of them.

Jackie works at Star City Tattoos in Roanoke, VA.

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Reborn in flame

The phoenix story is one of rebirth, and it’s because of this that ZSSailer chose the phoenix for this tattoo.

I’m proud of the story behind this tattoo. I used to weigh 312 pounds, but at 23 was diagnosed with several bad health problems (go figure), and decided to make a change. Today, at 24, I’m a healthy 205 pounds, and putting on more pounds in solid muscle….I’ve traded the acts of overeating for those of bodybuilding, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. To commemorate my accomplishments, I wanted a phoenix on my chest to acknowledge my rebirth. The feathers falling off symbolize my weight loss, the rays of light above symbolize how my soul feels like it’s shining in my new body, and the scale in the ashes symbolizes that I no longer fear stepping on a scale.

Tattoo by Aleks Salanek from Beneath the Skin Tattoo in Pottstown, PA.

He’s got eyes of the bluest skies

A sure fire way to call attention to any tattoo is to add a bit of color.  Of course when that color comes from a pair of microdermals in your neck, it becomes even more noticeable.

Alright so here’s the breakdown of everything.  The piercings are by Joeltron from First Blood in Sydney.  The tattoo is by Ange while she was doing a guest spot there.  And according to the description, in this photo the dermals are healed while the tattoo is still fresh.


Here’s the other photo I mentioned earlier that was sent in by FemaleHumanoid.  The focus here is not just on the couple, but also their tattoos.  In fact I’d hazard a guess that the point of the photo is to showcase the work, that just happens to be on these two individuals.  As with the earlier post, you’ll definitely want to go to the gallery to see the full sized version of this photo so you can get a better look at the tattoos.