Full Nose Orbital

I’ve mentioned before that when it comes to bridges piercings, Eric Stango is my hero, but he’s topped himself today by this awesome orbital. We’ve seen nasallang orbitals before, but Eric’s upped the ante with a full-nose orbital that passes through a pair of nostrils and a septum (ie. nasallang) as well as through his massive bridge piercing. I’m quite certain that this is a first, so for now I dub this THE STANGO. There’s not much to see, but if you’re curious click here for an up-nose shot (he warns, “sorry about the copius amounts of nose hair… I’m Italian!”).


Nasal Orbital

Ruslan, who has both large nostrils and a septum (which can function as a nasallang) just posted a unique looking picture of himself wearing a ring through them, making for a nasal orbital, a very unusual look. It instantly reminded me of another creative icon in this community — there’s a 2007 photo on ModBlog of Eaten Placenta wearing a similar configuration.