I was hoping to save that headline for a picture of a helicopter tattoo, but I suppose a Predator tattoo will work just as well.

We’ve seen portraits by Zoran a couple of times before.  Most notably his Che and Joker portraits.

While this doesn’t seem to be taken from a still in any of the films, it does resemble the mask from some of the comic books.  As you’ve probably already guessed, this particular portrait came from the sci-fi tattoo gallery.

Kipod Tattoo pt.2

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the works of Michael Kozlenko, one of the many talented artists from Kipod Tattoo and Piercing in Tel Aviv.  We’ve featured works from Michael before, as well as other artists from Kipod.  Over the course of today you’ll be able to see a small preview of some of the many works that can be found in the Kipod Tattoo Portfolio.

The next tattoo(s) we’re going to take a look at are a pair of matching thigh pieces that depict the famous scene from Le Voyage dans la lune, the 1908 sci-fi film directed by Georges Méliès.

Even if you’ve never seen the film, the image of the rocket in the eye of the moon is such an iconic shot that many people recognize it without knowledge of the film.  You’ll notice that even though the images are similar, Michael made each tattoo unique for the individual owner.

The Man on the Moon

Once in a blue moon, a tattoo will show up that just begs to be posted.  But not just posted, discussed, analyzed, and examined for its sheer brilliance in execution.  The last time we saw this was when Sean discovered an exceptional tattoo that he couldn’t help but post.

Today my friends, we have a worthy successor.  May I present to you, The Man on the Moon.

And by moon I mean ass

The Rocketeer

Space, the final frontier.  At some point in time in our lives we dream of the stars.  Whether it is to find meaning in their patters, or to look for life beyond this world, or simply out of a childhood love of wanting to soar through space.  Of course, the reality is, not too many of us will be able to fly in outer space, our children maybe, but not us.  Around the world private firms are racing to create commercial space flight vehicles, to cater to the insanely rich who get to live out their dreams.  Yet from every design I’ve seen, not a single one is as cool as this rocket.


The rocketeer responsible for this retro-inspired rocket is none other than Alie K (IAM: Alouicious).  Alie recently submitted a number of her works to the galleries, so if you get a chance, head on over and check them out.  This rocket in particular came from the old school tattoo gallery.

Who needs an iTouch when your body can do the same job?

I think it’s safe to say the following story can be filed under the “That’s so freaking cool” category.

It seems a design firm has started to make headway into what can best be described as interactive tattoos.  The theory behind the tech is that the electronics are printed onto a person’s skin (in the form of a tattoo design) and the body’s energy fuels the devices so that you can essentially turn your body into an interactive computer.  No need for a cell phone when you can tap your arm and it will make the phone call for you.


The DNA Tattoo, or Dattoo, could include printable input/output tools such as a camera, microphone, or laser-loudspeaker – it would be up to the user, as would the Dattoo’s aesthetics. Most intriguingly, it would capture its wearer’s DNA, to ensure an intimate user/machine relationship.  This meant that the body itself would need to become the interface, and would supply the required energy. Because Dattoos would largely replace three-dimensional tools such as smart phones or laptops, the environment would be spared the costs of producing, transporting and disposing of those items.

Despite evoking creepy Matrix-like images of permanent implants, Dattoos would actually be temporary and minimally-invasive. They could even be applied to clothing or other objects, instead of the skin. At the end of the day, they would simply be washed off. The next day, depending on what the user planned to do, they could order up and apply a new one.

The long term goal of the project is to be able to incorporate LED screens into the designs so that your body will completely replace your cell phone and laptop.

I have a bit of mixed feelings on this one.  While on one hand this looks really cool in theory, in practice, I’d be a little scared to be linked to a computer through my DNA when SkyNet goes live and judgement day hits.

What about you?  Would you be willing to use a stick-on tattoo design computer if it meant you could replace all your portable technology?

Phone home…

I don’t know about you but I still remember how much ET made me cry when I watched it oh so many years ago. This was inked (and submitted) by Ego out of Under the Needle in Seattle. Is it just me or does ET look like he’s about to hop off that Big Wheel and cut someone up? Like maybe he’s saying, “You talkin’ to me? Are you talkin’ to me?” That could be the sequel. ET II – The Revenge!

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