Event FAQs!

BMEfest FAQ!

Do I have to buy a ticket to BMEfest?

No, the gathering in High Park this year is free. ModProm II – the formal dinner/party to follow is not, you must have purchased a ticket to ModProm II.

What time does BMEfest start/wrap-up?

BMEfest will begin in High Park at 10:00am and will wrap-up by 3:00pm.

Where is BMEfest?

BMEfest is located in High Park, Toronto, Canada. Take the TTC Subway to High Park Station and walk across Bloor Street to enter the park. For those of you driving, High Park is located between Bloor Street & The Queensway, just west of Keele Street. The main entrance is located at Bloor & High Park Avenue.

(Click here for a map of the park (PDF). The party will be located in Picnic Area #8, which is located between the Grenadier Café and the sports fields.)

When you enter the park follow either the West Road or Colbourne Lodge Road until you reach the Grenadier Restaurant (there is some parking at the restaurant), and then walk behind the restaurant over “Hawk Hill” until you reach the picnic area. Alternatively you can follow the West Road into the park and cut through the sports fields (there is a path that follows them around) straight through until you reach the picnic area.

Will there be parking available?

There is parking in the park, however you should arrive early if you’re driving because parking will be in high demand for Canada Day.

How do I get a BMEfest Event Shirt?

Because of the park permit rules we’re not allowed to have any type of open-air market set up. But if you want a BMEfest event shirt, speak to Ryan at the event. He may just have a few in his car!

Will there be suspensions at BMEfest?

NO! For two reasons:

1: It gives the Toronto Parks & Recreation a reason to come and hassle us.

2: Attaching anything (including a person) to a tree is a violation of the permit we have been issued and could result in both personal fines for the event organizer and termination of the event.

What should I bring?

Bring: Sunblock, water & food (we will be providing some refreshments), money for snacks & other sundries. It’s a picnic – prepare for that: Blankets, et cetera..

Will there be alcohol at the event?

Alcohol is NOT permitted in the park. If you feel the need to drink there is a restaurant nearby. As per the conditions of the permit, obnoxious alcohol consumption will result in the termination of the event by park authorities.

What if I’m too shy to play the Scene Points Game?

The “Scene Points Game” is designed to be a humourous social experiment only, a way to meet people, NOT a hazing ritual. Everyone is encouraged to play. There are some great prizes and you might just make a new friend or two!

ModProm FAQ!

Where is ModProm?

ModProm will be held at the Academy of Spherical Arts, located at 1 Snooker Street, Toronto (also known as Hanna Avenue). The closest major intersection is King & Dufferin. Click here for a map & directions.

What do I get with my ticket?

The t-shirt you’ve already received, dinner, entertainment, a drink ticket (check out the customized Martini list!)

Will there be Coat Check?


Will tips be expected for Coat Check/Bartender/Servers?

It is always nice to tip those who help you out.

When is ModProm?

Doors open at 7pm, Dinner will be served at 7:30. Entertainment & Billiards Tournament begins at 8pm. Things will wrap up at 2am.

What if I didn’t buy a ticket in advance?

There will be no entry for those without tickets, and no tickets can be bought at the door.

Is there parking at the Academy?

There are two parking lots nearby, and a Green P lot just around the corner.

How many people will be at ModProm?

Over 100 of your closest IAM friends!

When will E-tickets be sent out?

We are still working on the logistics of the E-tickets, but don’t fret, if you’ve bought a ticket your name will be on a paid list.

If someone bought your ticket for you, pease try to arrive with that person..

If there are other circumstances, or for some other reason you have other concerns – bring a printout of your BMEshop order & confirmation.

I have special dietary requirements (vegan/vegetarian/heavy meat eater), have I been considered?

Yes, you can find the full menu here – Please advise the chef at each food station of any requirements and/or allergies and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Will there be someone taking photos at ModProm?

YesLane Jensen will be taking photos.

I can’t go to ModProm this year/ I didn’t buy my ticket – what can I do instead?

Shakespeare in the Park (PDF) is happening that night in High Park, or check out Toronto.com or NowMagazine.com for other event listings in the city.

Makeup for the modified!

By Karen Ellis.

“Take advantage of the wonderful services offered by Kim and Karen, and look even more beautiful than you already do!”


Makeup services include regular or airbrush makeup application.

Cost: $45.00 CAD.

“Like Kim, I will need advance booking. I can take six people between 2pm and 5pm at the hotel. However, if you wish to have your makeup done earlier I can make myself available for you as long as I have advance notice.

I do require a $20 CAD deposit to confirm your appointment.

I work at:

Industry Cosmetics and Beauty Supply,
490 Yonge St,

We’re located in the heart of Downtown Toronto, just steps away from Buddies in Bad Times theatre.

You can call the store with your credit card number at 416-925-0462, or feel free stop by if it’s convenient for you to leave your deposit. Alternatively (if you have a special look in mind) you can or book a consultation!”

The Crystal

The Royal Ontario Museum has just unveiled it’s giant new wing, The Crystal! If you want a really neat cultural experience whilst you’re in Toronto for BMEfest I thoroughly recommend the ROM!


Until August 6, 2007

“Discover a magnificent cache of long-hidden golden treasures from the Sicán civilization, a mysterious pre-Inca people who prospered off the northern coast of Peru as early as AD 700. This extraordinary exhibition showcases over 120 elaborately-crafted headdresses, crowns, pieces of pottery and jewellery, uncovered in an undisturbed, gold-filled tomb that is one of modern archaeology’s greatest finds.

The Sicán culture has been largely overshadowed by the more well-known and powerful Inca civilization. Little is known about the Sicán, only that they were skilled metallurgists, traders and seafarers who controlled a large expanse of coastal desert and fertile river valleys in northern Peru. Their culture is hallmarked by technically and artistically sophisticated art, pottery, architecture and religious artifacts.

Some of these artifacts were excavated in one of the most important archaeological sites in South America: Batán Grande, a sprawling complex of adobe pyramids and plazas, considered by the Sicán to be their religious centre. It was also the principal burial ground for their royalty. Ancient Peru Unearthed examines these remarkable finds and explores the rich history and artistry of this enigmatic civilization.

This exhibition has been financially assisted by the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, a program of the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Culture, administered by the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund Corporation.”

All Things Shoe

Ladies And Gentlemen (but especially the ladies), do you need shoes for ModProm to go with your dress? I recommend you entertain these three options for super shoe shopping!




All are located in the Toronto downtown core and easy to find via public transit from your hotel.

Also, if your love of all things shoe is greater then your love for BME I suggest you make a pilgrimage to the incredible Bata Shoe Museum.


Phil recently received an interesting (and unsolicited) review from a publishing agent in San Francisco, he assumed it was a sales pitch but she had this to say about his work:

“To say that I was shocked by the pictures you posted on your website (details courtesy of Lightstalkers) is an understatement. However, I must appreciate the fact that your pictures depicting the limits of the flesh are one-of-a-kind, and that they deserve to be preserved in the form of a book.”


If you are interested in seeing his work he has an opening at Blackline Studio as part of their one year anniversary party on June 22nd. There will be more details posted on their site soon. The show will also run until the middle of July so if you are in town for BMEfest I recommend you check it out!

Also, check out his personal site (PhilipBarbosa.com) if you’d like to see the show in miniature on your monitor.