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So in something that I suspect could generate a bit of a furor, Craig Driscoll, a great Canadian tattooist working in Edmonton (and elsewhere) took his puppy Chico in to the vet, had him sedated, and tattooed him. Now, before you go calling the Edmonton Humane Society and telling them to raid DragonFX or something (where he was guest-spotting at the time of this entry), realize that dogs get tattooed all the time and it’s perfectly legal — and as Craig points out, it’s not as bad as cutting the tails off boxers and Rottweilers (or cutting the foreskin off baby humans I guess).

That said, if you’ve got an opinion on the matter, here’s his comment forum. Personally while I’ve got enormous respect for Craig’s artwork, and I’m sure that he loves his dog, I’m really not down with tattooing animals myself.

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12 thoughts on “Dog Tattoos

  1. When a human being tattoos thier bod – it’s a choice that he or she has made. An animal cannot make a decision to be tattoo’ed – and NO human is capable of making that decision for them.

    Animal tattoo’ing is extremely wrong in my eyes. You’re causing your animal unnecessary trauma _ I frown upon it!!

  2. how can he be traumatized? he was asleep!!!! and it’s not like he’s doin’ it while he was awake. take your head out your ass and follow the light

  3. How can anyone be so irresponsible as to tattoo an animal, I hope he dosnt call himself an animal lover. Craig you should be damm well ashamed of your behaviour, I hope the RSPCA catches up with you causing suffering to a defenceless animal.
    Signed a disgusted animal lover, and yes I treat my animals with the love and respect they deserve.

  4. Because they still crop tails and ears, is not an excuse to tattoo a dog. It is cruel and you should be ashamed for treating an animal like a toy to decorate. What are you Paris Hiltion! Its not ok to take a dog and put him to sleep and mutulate, everytime you put a dog under its heart is weakened, for what tasteless art from tasteless man. Truely unnessary and cruel!!!!!

  5. oh and any vet who would sedated a dog for a tattoo, should have there lisence revoked, you are supposed to put you patients best interests first!!!!!

  6. Let me guess… those of u responding to this also disagree with pet identification tattoos as well??

  7. I personally disagree with changing any animal for any reason other then health issues. tattooing a dog for looks is cruel and irresponsible. Not even responsible breeders tattoo dogs anymore. Pet id tattoos are a thing on the past , microchipping is the standard , its safer (no anesthetic ), little to no discomfort , less healing time, and alot less chance of infection. Those who think this sounds like a good idea should never have an animal in your care. As for this stupidity being legal well animal rights laws are ridiculas at best.

  8. I’d agree with Craig. BUT, Rots need their tails removed for carting, dogs do not need to be tattooed.

    Pet identification tattoos, and ear clips for feral cats are fine. But the ones of “hello kitty” and shit like that can constitute as abuse.

  9. i think anyone who would mutilate their pet like that must be a pathetic person.

  10. I think it is great and want to get a tattoo on my dog! I believe it would be o.k since I did not cut her tail off or cut her ears! owwwwwwww!

  11. Oh wow. Dogs get tattooed every day in Canada (It’s required by the CKC) and in the UK. Give me a break. A tattoo feels just as bad as having road rash, and dogs heal much faster than humans do. The three week heal time for a human tattoo is cut down to almost 4 days.

    Case in point. A woman goes in to get a hysterectomy. She’s laid up in bed for 3-4 weeks. A dog gets spayed (Same thing) and she’s good as gold in 7 days.

    And the person who said “Everytime a dog goes under their heart gets weaker” is a complete moron. I hope you never go for vet tech for veterinarian.

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