Another Celebrity Sighting

It’s no secret that Dennis Rodman is a body art fan, and earlier this year he posed nude for PETA‘s Think Ink, Not Mink anti-fur campaign. Well, guess who made a surprise appearance at a pulling that Tiana and Jeremy (IAM:Jahad2k) recently did in Seattle? That’s right, The Worm!

"Let's face it: When Dennis goes out, he doesn't blend in well."

- George Tiantafilla, Rodman's bodyguard

One thought on “Another Celebrity Sighting

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    Posted on 10-27-2005 02:02:00 by kittiegurl03
    Holy crap. I know someone who met Dennis Rodman. Also, Tiana is [iam]_skew_[/iam].

    Posted on 10-27-2005 03:57:35 by _skew_
    it’s true… i’m on the other end of the rope, taking this photo *grin*

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