Clean Finger Amputation

Last entry in today’s “catch up” set of posts…

Usually when I see amateur or underground digit amputations, they’re just chisel jobs. Now, a chisel job can heal pretty nicely and without complications, but the risks are higher and you often won’t get an ideal end to the reshaped finger… so it was a pleasant surprise to get this very cleanly sutured stumping:

That’s by a fairly well known practitioner that works out of South America and Europe. I’m not going to post the name here but if you’re looking for this procedure, drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch.

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20 thoughts on “Clean Finger Amputation

  1. The following comments were imported from our old comment system:

    Posted on 11-28-2005 11:40:45 by MeezctoW
    Ouch ! I’m a great fan but for this mod : I can’t understand ! But Why ?

    Posted on 12-05-2005 17:41:04 by nausea
    i suppose just because. other people could ask why also in front of an enlarged lobe ;)

    Posted on 12-07-2005 00:34:11 by Men on amputation!
    Hated it!

    Posted on 12-07-2005 07:38:42 by skunkard
    What is the point? That woman had a perfectly good hand..

    Posted on 12-10-2005 17:35:28 by Courtney
    Some people have the need to have a body part amputated, look at the BME encyclopedia, it tells you everything that you could ever wish to know.

    Posted on 12-17-2005 17:35:47 by captain sarcastic
    That utter lunacy, including any theories on ‘needing’ that done.

  2. being a guitar player… I just need all my digits and can’t imagine why you would aputate anything…. but…. I believe you should be free to….. I had a funky dream I ate my right hand on night…. I was cutting off the flesh… and decided I wasn’t that hungry anymore…. and then freaked out because I had amputated my RIGHT hand…. and I’m right handed…. I thought… “shit”….. then woke up… and made sure I still had my hand….

  3. Eww omg! why the fuck would some one want to cut a peice of their finger off voluntarily! she is fucken mad. think about it thats just so descusting to me its unbelievable

  4. omg wtf. thats like soo incerdibly wierd… wat wud she say wen someone asked? it got shut in a door?

  5. I’m interested in having the exact same procedure done. Would love some contact info. Thank you!

  6. I’m also very interested in contact info for help with this procedure.
    any contact info is gratefully received.

  7. I have recently had the top third of my left ring finger amputated following a motorcycle accident please please please no-one be so dumb F**k stupid and ignorant as to have this done voluntarily after 3 months and a lot of physio I am still in pain with it especially in cold weather I am told this could last arround 2 years or could be permanant. The surgery was done by one of the best hand sugeons in the UK before anyone asks.

  8. I like to have 4 fingers on my left hand amputated since I was child can you give adress? thanks a lot.

  9. since shannon, may he rest in peace, can´t put up a connection anymore – would there be anyone else who could help with a properly stitched up ring or pinky finger mod?

    thanks in advance…

  10. Even tough this post is already ten years old, is there any way to get in touch with the “surgeon”?

    I have already ordered scalpels a new clean chisel, bandages and so on but of cause I prefer a “professiolan” before doing it by myself.

    So this is kind of the last best hope finding someone who can help me realize my wishes.

  11. nice, is what i want to me…..a clean and safety amputation.
    could you send me a contact to do my surgery?

  12. nice, is what i want to me…..a clean and safety amputation.
    could you send me a contact to do my surgery?

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