Skull and Crossbones Thumb Scarification

If I had to lay odds, I’d predict that this skin peeling on Stewy FOH‘s thumb is going to all-bit disappear (or at least blur out) during the healing. That said, it’s done by Wayde Dunn (IAM:Quaid) of Puncture Body Piercing in Australia, who is arguably the king of high detail skin peels, so if anyone can make it work, maybe it’s Wayde.

One thought on “Skull and Crossbones Thumb Scarification

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    Posted on 01-28-2006 07:04:17 by silver
    Aw, I hope it doesn’t blur. It’s so neat.

    Posted on 01-30-2006 08:09:17 by q0p
    wooow!! how nice isn’t that one 😀

    Posted on 01-31-2006 10:34:42 by Matney X
    I’ve got LIFE Scarred into my knuckles… even with scrubbing it well past bleeding EVERY DAY til it wouldn’t bleed anymore, you can barely see what’s there.

    I agree with Shannon… he’ll have a faint reminder, but nothing worth bragging about.

    Posted on 05-10-2006 01:59:37 by vern
    daddy likey

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