One thought on “On the streets of Miyagi, Japan

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    Posted on 02-06-2006 14:45:26 by Me
    I love Eva shes so sweet ……

    Posted on 02-06-2006 15:19:11 by joker
    this doesn’t seem to work on firefox/mac 🙁

    Posted on 02-06-2006 15:20:07 by joker
    wait…i take that back…it does, but not all the time. odd.

    Posted on 02-06-2006 16:51:22 by Sneezy
    that is awesome you need more girlies posted like that

    Posted on 02-06-2006 17:13:45 by Hey I\’m Posting a Comment
    I’m on a mac using safari and it works.

    Posted on 02-06-2006 18:59:51 by broken_wings
    doesn’t work for me. 🙁

    Posted on 02-06-2006 19:25:50 by thewombatspantry
    Works for me in firefox.
    Eva’s so cute.

    Posted on 02-06-2006 20:51:52 by narfette
    not working for me in firefox OR ie!

    Posted on 02-06-2006 22:31:13 by Faithinink
    Man , thats such a neat little trick , its almost like an animation , but not quite , cool none the less , and no one I can think of better to use for this , Eva is one of my favorite BME girls!

    Posted on 02-07-2006 01:33:13 by boucanier
    I should have buttons like that all the lime.

    Posted on 02-07-2006 01:52:57 by mitch
    Shannon-are you going to post pics of your healed facial cutting, or will you keep that to yourself? Thanks 🙂

    Posted on 02-07-2006 15:19:28 by Jets
    I have no problem with it in Firefox. Cuuute 🙂

    Posted on 02-07-2006 19:32:26 by herekittykitty
    It took Eva a moment to get going on my pissy dialup lol.
    Really cute effect!

    Posted on 02-07-2006 19:41:15 by glider
    Yeah, sorry, I’m not doing a preload (to save on bandwidth), so you will have to hover your mouse for a moment on slower connections.

    Posted on 02-09-2006 17:13:49 by Jon
    His facial cutting probably didn’t turn out like he wanted it to.

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