What do the three bars mean again? MBS?

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! (Just kidding, I don’t think the tattoo actually has anything to do with the CoBM, and really, if the CoBM took a “we’re all about sex” stance I’d probably forget their past sins and sign up again). Click to uncensor.

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4 thoughts on “What do the three bars mean again? MBS?

  1. The following comments were imported from our old comment system:

    Posted on 02-20-2006 21:15:08 by glider
    Oops, don’t I feel like a bad designer doing my thumbnails different heights! Shame on me!

    Posted on 02-21-2006 02:29:20 by Crossed
    The artist is always more critical of his own work than any other. With all due respect, nobody (that I hang with) is looking at the height of the thumbnails.

    Posted on 02-21-2006 17:46:33 by chocolate milk
    They hafta be green to stand for MBS!

  2. You never said you’d made Modblog, well done!
    His tattoos are simple, black and geometric, so they’re open to a lot of interpretation… I’ve never asked what the 3 bars signify, as he’s a pretty private person, but I’d bet my life savings (currently £9) that they show no affiliation to any group whatsoever.
    It seems like everyone I know is gratuitiously nude on the Internet and I’m missing the party… I’m shy though.

  3. I think I read in another post (on knuckletattoos.com) that the three lines historically are hobo marks that mean “this is a nice place to rest”. I’m not saying that’s his story, but I really liked that explanation.

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