Spider Web Ear Tattoo

Awwww, crap. I had meant to stop posting so many pictures from Shawn O’Hare (The Pain Parlor, Oxnard) because I feel like this blog is kind of getting saturated… but Phil put this one aside for me and didn’t tell me about who did it. It’s the tattoo that I most wanted to share with you, but of course the piercing is by Shawn. Either way, enjoy!

One thought on “Spider Web Ear Tattoo

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    Posted on 03-11-2006 20:18:43 by BadlyDrawnGirl
    wow. nice.

    Posted on 03-11-2006 22:00:23 by S.P.Rob
    Shawn is my piercer and has done a woderfull job on all my piercings, and he is also in the june 2006 Tattoo Savage on page 85

    Posted on 03-12-2006 18:12:34 by Confused
    He doesnt have an ear channel. or whatever its called, whever the sound is meant to get to your ear drums.

    He just has skin, no hole….

    Posted on 03-12-2006 18:59:40 by katie
    wow… yeah, that’s really strange looking. maybe it’s just the angle? i didn’t know ear canals could be sealed.

    Posted on 03-12-2006 22:53:40 by (still) Confused.
    I dont think its sealed or a strange angle, it should be right behind the tragis.. unless its VERY VERY little.

    Posted on 03-12-2006 23:01:31 by tokyowars
    Maybe a plug was put in to dampen the sound of the machine, then drawn over with a marker to complete the effect?

    Posted on 03-13-2006 09:45:19 by Confused
    Maybe, but the ‘plug’ is the exact same sskin tone.

    Posted on 03-13-2006 17:46:37 by Leif
    look at your ear,, i have skin there not a hole…the ear canal is not visible if your looking at the side of someones head….

    Posted on 03-13-2006 19:37:16 by Jon
    Well actually if you look at similar photots all over bme you can see the begining of the ear cannel.

    Lol, look at my ear? i’ll give it a go…

    Posted on 03-14-2006 03:44:30 by loli
    the part that leif is referring to that covers the ear canal is on this guy, but is greatly diminished. LOOK AT IT, he’s got no ear canal.
    Obviously something happened to his ear or he purposely underwent some modification… Or he was born like that. Which was probably the whole reason for the spiderweb tat in the first place, to decorate that closed up ear.

    Posted on 03-16-2006 03:15:33 by tokyowars
    I was looking at peoples ears today (as you do), and discovered that the majority of times the ear canal cannot be seen, ie. can only be seen from certain angles…

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