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    Posted on 03-27-2006 21:45:46 by perplexed
    i looked and i dont get it, could it be spelled wrong or something

    Posted on 03-27-2006 21:49:31 by severed
    I’m going to hell for snickering.

    Posted on 03-27-2006 21:54:15 by MishMosh
    its misspelled

    Posted on 03-27-2006 21:54:35 by Lancer
    well, it would help if the word was spelled right to begin with…so I’m kind of lost about what definition your pointing to.

    Posted on 03-27-2006 22:02:46 by perk900
    that’s ok… i’m indestructable…

    Posted on 03-27-2006 22:44:50 by high
    … I think the point is that it’s mispelled and therefore doesn’t have a meaning.. ya that’s pretty brutal

    Posted on 03-27-2006 23:22:45 by CS Williams
    I think the point was that they “failed the first time” while spelling it. My bet is it’s on purpose.

    Posted on 03-28-2006 00:18:29 by cringes
    goodness I hope so… i really do

    Posted on 03-28-2006 00:54:00 by Yo Momma
    hahahaha! That is the BEST tattoo EVER.

    Posted on 03-28-2006 01:14:59 by Shutterbug
    Thank goodness I’m totally in focus.

    Posted on 03-28-2006 04:48:39 by nana
    i’m guessing she did it on purpose… for the irony?

    and if not.

    well. she can say she did. 🙂

    Posted on 03-28-2006 06:16:55 by penski
    Ignorents is bliss…

    Posted on 03-28-2006 11:09:30 by maddy
    as is ignorance.

    Posted on 03-28-2006 11:48:08 by susie
    niiiice maddy, nice. I laughed.

    Posted on 03-28-2006 14:17:32 by owned
    that ‘r’ sad. hahaha, gosh, so corny.

    Posted on 03-28-2006 15:22:11 by S
    Maddy – I strongly suspect penski was being ironic 😛

    Posted on 03-28-2006 15:31:31 by Aretha
    I blame bad spelling!

    Posted on 03-28-2006 21:03:48 by etoile
    I don’t get the “on purpose” vibe from this at all. Just the “sad” vibe.

    Posted on 03-29-2006 03:05:22 by penski
    *points and laughs at maddy*



    Posted on 03-29-2006 06:46:16 by the_logic_of_crocodiles
    haha GUTTED!

    Posted on 03-29-2006 07:11:07 by tokyowars
    A tattooist where I go almost did a similar thing. It took another tattooist (not even the customer noticed) to point out he was missing a “D” lol…

    Posted on 03-29-2006 15:29:17 by not sure
    I think it’s on purpose because in the gallery where it’s posted the word is spelled correctly in the captions but in quotations.

    Posted on 03-29-2006 17:49:22 by jorge
    ahh thats horrible
    did she know that it was spelled wrong??

    Posted on 03-30-2006 01:38:16 by Katie0

    Posted on 03-30-2006 14:54:02 by cramer
    Reminds me of a girl I know who was supposed to have “snow angel” written across her back and didn’t notice that she was actually proclaiming to be a “snow angle” until she got home. Hopefully this wasn’t quite like that.

    Posted on 03-30-2006 16:34:52 by red
    snow angle?.. lmao.. thats brilliant

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