Raven Tattoo

I love this raven tattoo by the very talented Miso at Revolution Tattoo in Chicago, IL. One more sitting and it’ll be done!

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12 thoughts on “Raven Tattoo

  1. Not to be a total nitpicker, but that looks more like a black pidgeon to me. I work in a museum with a huge ornithology collection (birds), so I see a lot of them very close up and in detail.

    The beak on that tattoo isn’t at all reminiscent of a raven or crow, nor is the tail spread. Ravens don’t have hooks at the end of their beaks and are also missing that bump near the head which this bird has.

    Either way, it’s still a beautifully done tattoo of a black bird.

  2. It looks a little deformed in the midsection or maybe its chubby or somthing. can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something off about the bird. Maybe its just cus its on her shoulder and she has her arm raised…

  3. I agree with outmywindow. The beak, head, and tail (which would be diamond-shaped in a raven, coming to a very obvious point in the middle) are nothing like those of a crow or raven. The raven’s beak would be longer proportional to the body, with the base third of the top beak covered in closely laid bristly feathers.

    None of this, of course, diminishes the beauty of the tattoo. I can think of hawks with dark coloration that make sense with this anatomy. I hate to be anal about this. It’s nice, nice work. It just ain’t gonna be quothin’ “Nevermore” anytime soon.

  4. Whatever the bird species/variety that is an awesome looking tattoo. The placement is even neat. It will probably look ever cooler when its done.

  5. I’m wondering if the placement and angle of the photo are distorting the shape of the tail. In any case, the tattoo itself and the location are quite beautiful.

  6. I personally don’t see a raven there, I see a large black bird thing. It is a neat tat, with the glossy shading though.

  7. to me the beak is the bit that makes it look mostly more like a pigeon than a crow. the rest of it could be put down to distortion and angle. but i’m not a bird expert.

    but i dont care cos pigeons are still rockin!

  8. i really liked this tattoo seen on this page and i really admire the work and the way it is put on.
    i would suppose that it looks like the raven is flying when you move your arm.
    i knew some one with that same tattoo, i just had to say how much i liked it and think it is really kools

  9. looks like a black parraqueet to me, so shoulder placement is appropriate lol. its a cool tatt. tho

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