Two of my favorite tattooed faces

Meet body modification artist and superstar Emilio Gonzalez (left) and performance artist Lucky Diamond Rich (right) at the Smack Party in NYC. Photo by Efrain Gonzalez.

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37 thoughts on “Two of my favorite tattooed faces

  1. I love facial tattooing… but are these the best examples to show to the world?

    Emilio is just O.K., but his tattooing is still kind of crappy and poorly done. Not attractive at all.

    As for Lucky Diamond Rich, what is his point? Any fool can have tattoo needles run over his face until any semblance of artwork is utterly obliterated and meaningless.

    I don’t get it!

  2. I love the red that lucky diamond rich added to his face and hand. I saw him on a talk show (i think montel or something like that) not too long ago and it ws mainly just black.. so its nice to see he has added color to where the black has faded.

  3. It’s not “where the black has faded” – he had Xed Le Head and others power in white ink over the black, and then powered red over the white… :) He’s up to 8 layers thick in some places…

  4. The first post was obviously posted by somebody thats not too intelligent. Who cares what you think is artwork. Im sure they dont.

    Personally i beleive these are two very beautiful men (and im completely straight) who have done a lot of modification to their bodies. I enjoy looking at them and admire them very much so

    Emillio is a great artist, and ‘lucky’ is a great man.

    oh and:
    “Any fool can have tattoo needles run over his face until any semblance of artwork is utterly obliterated and meaningless.”


  5. I came across Lucky Diamond Rich in my local piercers a few years ago. I didnt know who he was, in fact at the time I was a bit scared of him :( (i was 17) He was just hanging around with Paddy. I couldnt help staring at him though, which was very rude of me. He had a bleached blonde sorta double mohawk at the time. Anywho basically im sorry for staring man :)
    Saw an interview of him on the net somewhere, he came across as a very down to earth guy.

    Lukas Zpira did the cuttings on the side of his head I believe.

  6. i LOVE emillio’s face tat, i usually like lucky’s too but wat did he do to his teeth???

  7. Lucky’s got some serious GRILLZ going on with his teeth.

    Actually, I don’t think that’s a grill, I think he’s just got all his teeth capped with metal.

  8. In defense of the first post. To assume the it was made by someone that is ‘not too intelligent’ and to state ‘who cares what you think is artwork’ only shows the ignorance of the individual that made post #7. What is art is so entirely subjective that any opnion is as valid as any other and nothing but ego makes an opinion more valid than another.

    As a tattooer, reviewing both pieces from a technical aspect, the facial tattoo on Emilio is a technical failure. Any attempt at symetry is lost. There is no accuracy in execution which leads me to believe the Tattoo was executed by an apprentice or someone that was not too concerned about the quality of their work.

    As far as Lucky D’s work is concerned. Most of it looks like a coverup badly executed. If this was the look he was going for then more power to him. I hope he enjoys living with it. But as a Tattooist this exemplifies a lack of enthusiasm for the concept resulting in a mindless repitition of soft, undefinable pattern. Adding a bit of red niether enhances nor salvages the concept. It only shows that the artist knows this needs major help and that is the best he could come up with. OK, he now has an attention getting pattern covering his body. I’m different, look at me. Sideshow work is going to be a cinch. But don’t throw the ‘A’ word out there. Art is big and it is accepting. Truth is though, this ain’t it.

  9. i love lucky’s stuff, it’s fresh and original.. i just love how he’s all black, and STILL getting tattooed :D

    most of all i love his earrings, anyone know where they’re from, what they are?

  10. Aside from lowering oneself down to poo-poo kaka name calling in a post, I don’t see why it’s wrong with someone on here to say, “hmm, nah, I don’t really like it.” to an individual’s bodymods. Just because someone HAS bodymods does not mean that everyone has to like what the person had done and jerk off about how great the piece may or may not be.
    But, to paraphrase myself in the beginning; insults are inflammatory and not needed. If you don’t like something fine. But saying someone is “stupid” for getting a particular bodymod (or for any life choice in particular) is just mean.

  11. Yeah i was definately to… quick to insult i guess i should say.

    I just really have a short temper for people that say things like that.

    To me (many people can relate to this). Its similar to people wondering how i can stretch my ears and yet they have ear piercings. They dont make the connection. Although i understand something is more extreme. If it was viewed as regular, they wouldnt even notice me. I guess they dont pick up on everybody having different wants/opinions.

    And when i said “who cares what you think about artwork” I meant that in a way defending lucky. Thats why i followed it by “im sure they dont”. Im not claiming to know what art is. Becuase really i could care less. My opinion is besides the point. Its what it ‘art’ is to them.

  12. Since the human body is considered as art itself, I really don’t see the point in claiming that Lucky’s or Emilio’s tatooas are “unartistic” (or how the hell you say that).

    I honestly think that the “chaothic” work on Lucky’s face was made on purpose to look this way. I would never do such tatoo but I really like it. As for Emilio, you may say his work is asymmetric but i believe that symmetry is impossible to achieve on a human’s face…The lines/dots of his tatoos enhance the nicest parts of his face.

    “Art” doesnt need to be series of drawings done in some ways between two limits. I like to believe that Art is just a way of underlining what is already perfect by itself; in this case, the human body of those two persons.

  13. Hahah… I can’t believe “Mike” thinks Xed Le Head (who did a large proportion of the blacking out of Lucky’s *entire* skin) is a scratcher…

  14. I think they look great, and I’m sure that as anyone who has mods knows, much thought went into the planning and execution of both examples.

    I also want to comment on how bitchy these comment forums keep on getting. Why do people feel the need to slag off other peoples choices. Opinions are great (everybody has them) but be nice, why stoop to a personal attack when all you are really wanting to say is that you wouldn’t get that particular mod done yourself.

  15. I really like LDR’s face and for some reason I find Emilio very creepy in that picture ;_; Feels like if his right eye are looking straight true my soul

  16. I’m not seeing the asymmetry. i”m just not.

    That said, presuming I’m just not seeing something that is there: as far as the technical goes… is that really what’s most important, to the point where the whole design is a failure somehow if thar’s not achieved? I mean, the person who posted that is a tattooist, so it probably is to him, because he wants to execute hus designs well. But if the overall look works, maybe that’s most important.

    And as far as LDR, presuming for a moment that he’s still getting tattooed just because he’s addicted to ink and there really is not any grad design to it, so he’s just going over old work because there’s nowhere else to put ink and he wants more anyway (which I’m NOT saying I believe): what’s wrong with that? If he loves being tattooed that much and that’s his deal, rah rah for him, I say. It doesn’t have to be “about” the best looking art one can have.

    My earlobe piercings are old gun holes. Now that I’ve stretched them it is FUCKING BLATANT how off they are. If the point were more about aesthetics, or about doing things the right way rather than the mall way, and less about me as a youngster wanting to mark important milestones as I grew, I’d take my shit out and get my earlobes re-pierced. If that’s my motivation I’d have tons of reasons to correct them.

    But I have them not only because of how they look, but because of what it meant for me to be twelve, do something really huge that had an impact on my life, tell my mother I wanted to mark it on my body, and have it done the only way I and my family knew back then.

  17. I dont think LDR is still getting new tattoos. Last I heard he was up to 99% coverage. Hes probably in new of touch up ink though. Anyways, if you look at the previous articles he has been in, particularly Lukas Zpira vs. LDR, you can see a better picture of his facial work. To say that the artist who did his work is untalented is a joke.

    Speaking of facial tattoos, where is the Enigma in all this? I met him about a week ago. I definately think that he and the Lizardman have a home among these two.

  18. Lucky Diamond Rich performed at my city’s Busker Festival two years ago, and I remember thinking he was the best act I’d ever seen! Not only is his body completely covered in tattoos (I believe someone mentioned once that he was the most tatooed person in the world, may or may not be true), but he’s a fantastic busker. Very good at juggling knives on a 10′ unicycle!

  19. consider three things before speaking.

    1. does it need to be said?
    2. does it need to be said now?
    3. does it need to be said by ME?


  21. 2 top blokes, they look great, there not hurting anyone and agian, they look great

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