17 thoughts on “Lizard Portrait on Stone Tribal Lizard Motif

  1. Hot damn! That is a wonderful picture, I love the detail; got a very nice full-depth illusion. And a nice back to show it off on, too.

  2. JUST AS EXCELLENT! as the stone pirate motiff and for its own reasons, better.

  3. Beautiful tat! I’m not the hugest fan of lizards (although I did have a pet Green Iguana for a few years), but this tat was skillfully etched! I’d love to see where the tail (on the lizard) goes…

  4. Amazing, well done to the artist, the lady who has this piece is very lucky to have such a well executed and technical tattoo on her. Beautful also 🙂

  5. The places where the lizard’s limbs attach to it’s body look a little dodgy to me. I think it would look better with more vibrant colours too..

  6. I think this would have to be added to one of those few things in life that everyone likes. INCREDIBLE! Probably THE best back piece Ive ever seen

  7. if i woman has a full back tattoo, i don’t care, what it is i find that sexy.

  8. Fantastic work. In a world overflowing with amateuristic tattoos, this piece stands out – Hell, it stands out amongst great tattoos!

  9. oh wow, im such a reptile fanatic and i figured of getting a dragon (typical yes) lol and maybe a nice iguana somewhere, its nice to know other people share interests beautiful tattoo

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