“Love of Martial Arts” Tattoo

This isn’t Tod’s first tattoo, but it is his first in twenty years — he got his first one on his eighteenth birthday, and got this one on his thirty-eighth. Since his first he’s been involved with martial arts for over fifteen years, and this tattoo (his own design) is the symbol he plans on teaching under.

Included are the various Martial Arts and ideals that he’s studied — including full contact stick-fighting (Kali-Underground format) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the last two years. The helmet he’s wearing here is his only real piece of protective equiptment for stickfighting combat!

7 thoughts on ““Love of Martial Arts” Tattoo

  1. why the head gear?….same as all other ‘sports’?

    wheres the value in training with pads?, real underground fights in the PI never wear pads

  2. Hey Don, you douchebag, maybe wearing pads is preferable over dying or being maimed in practice which you call sport. Leave the real stuff for reall conflict. Plus you’re always talking the talk but I’ve never seen you walk, and you have your own natural padding, it’s called fat.

  3. Hey asshole call him self the great. Don Oberloh would fuck you up and ten of kali/bjj friends up at the same time bitch.

  4. What kind of mama’s boy calls himslef ‘The great?” Are you trying to convince yourself or others? If you need to test yourself, feel free to contact me through the proper channels and I’ll be happy to help you understand the reality of Kamagong verses rattan, and you can even wear your head gear. By the way, if you ‘play’ at martial arts and call them a sport, then they are martial influenced sports and not Martial arts, save the douchebag for your woman.

  5. Gee….still waiting…

    Lots of folks like to hide behind internet blogs and never use their real names. ‘the great’ says I don’t walk the walk… I’m still waiting….

    Feel free to test yourself with me, anytime. Ill be happy to drive to your place of training. theres no need to
    feel bad, just contact me and lets do this. Don’t feel bad, you’ll not be the first to test themself, and I’m sure you won’t be the last to think they understand true violence.. If nothing else it will help you understand the difference in real, and reality based.

    Still waitng….


    And for anyone detracting from unpadded rattan combat, rattan flexes to the point where 43.2% of the applied force is spent from the blow. Its painful, but as long as you dont get caught in the face or hand, your fine,

  7. Don Oberloh,,,,your old friend Steve Masters here. How do I contact you?

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