Eye Bending Tattoo

I pity Nate Beavers, the tattoo artist that applied this piece — he must have gone totally cross-eyed from the concentration of doing this Alex Grey “One” painting (influenced by TOOL). Nate works at All or Nothing Tattoo but did this at Big Brain Productions in Omaha, NE.

Oh, yeah, and since there are now dozens of sites ripping the feed on this blog and using it to content-power their own sites, let me mention that if you’re not reading this at http://modblog.bmezine.com/, you’re not seeing the whole site (ie. comments, all the entries, etc.).

36 thoughts on “Eye Bending Tattoo

  1. Wow… I knew the guys at All or Nothing did great work..(from when i went in for the play piercing with Max) but replicating an Alex Grey piece?…wow…
    That is amazing.
    Best one ive seen yet!

  2. That is some seriously mind warping ink.

    And also:
    You should be able to block the IP addresses of the sites stealing your content. Just makes it a little harder for people.

  3. Ya’ll should check out more work by the “TOOL” cover’s artist: Alex Grey. I love his stuff!
    This tattoo it beautiful!

  4. everrryz tatoo will be a big blurr in 60yearz , MEH MEH MEH get over it amanda , HAPPYNESS @ THEEE TATTOO , YAY @ ALEX GREY!

  5. saying an alex grey painting is based on tool is like saying picasso’s work was based on today’s pot smoking art students…
    on a nrelated note, alex grey has a couple amazing tattooers, including zack percept, working under him now…

  6. I don’t think Lizzard was saying that Alex Grey’s work is based on Tool, but was drawing people’s attention to the fact that he has done some of their album art.

  7. Ah, a tattoo copying another artist’s work. Of course it had to come from Big Brain in Omaha! Smitty, the owner encorages xerox copying instead of original design.

  8. i love alex grey, i went to middle school with his daughter and we were pretty good friends so I was turned on to his work when i was like 11. his work is amazing.

    and marisa, alex actually encourages tattoos of his work. he has a whole section of fan tattoos on his website (www.alexgrey.com).

  9. Yes, Amanda, because skin that’s over sixty years old would look absolutely beautiful without a blurry tattoo on it!

  10. Oh I wasn’t trying to be mean. I like the tattoo. I’ve got one on my back thats pretty much going to be disgusting

  11. I love Alex Grey’s work, and I love that he likes having people get his work as tattoos, but I agree with Marisa in that it encourages what I call “carbon copy” style tattoos. Considering there are way more artists who DON’T like having their art “co-modified” by us skin freaks, it does set up a double standard for other artists and fans-and no wonder its such a ‘grey’ areaStill, I love the tattoo, but wonder how well it will hold up over time.

  12. it is beautiful. if i woke up and had that tattooed on me i would call in sick to work
    and have a party. yay!

  13. aaah,alex grey…this is the first time i’ve seen someone get a tattoo of his work,or maybe i have and couldn’t tell because mr. grey’s work is so detailed and not too many people can replicate such work;anyway,great tattoo!

  14. I think because its so sharp and the lines are really fine, that its going to hold up FINE overtime. It wont be a big blur by the time he’s sixty, itll just be alittle saggy and wrinkly is all. besides, when did modified individuals start worrying about how things would look when their sixty? hell, some sixty year olds are still getting modified!!!

    As for the “carbon copy” deal…. any artist who exposes his art to the public risks being ripped off… it doesnt matter as long as credit is given where credit is due…. ive seen ALOT of tattoos inspired or directly from an artist’s’ work.

  15. Been a fan of Alex Grey’s for a long time,but never saw his work as a tat before – very nice.

  16. Truly brilliant & inspiring, humbug to the critics!!
    I’m in the process of getting my back tattooed with some of Alex’s timeless art. I’ll update with some photos when done
    Good to know there are still so many real people out there amidst the sea of endless crap who can appreciate what such epic artists like Alex Gray & Tool have offered the world within their respective genre.

    Stay true, real & never stop.

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