14 thoughts on “Pierced Together

  1. Delightfully perverse. A veritable tour de force. I’ll click it again and again.

    Ok, seriously, this is cool.

  2. Looks like a genital bead, and a heavily scarred circumcision.

    Those are some heafty balls on that labia-ampallang-labia industrial.

  3. Shannon — or anyone else who looks at more BME/hard pictures than me — I have a question. There’s an interesting double grooming standard displayed here: the woman is shaved and tanned, while the man is clearly neither. That seems to be typical of mainstream porn… would you say it’s equally typical of BME/hard, or not? Or of certain kinds of BME/hard submissions and not others?

  4. I must admit, I noticed his kilt… if he’s Scottish, it explains the lack of a tan!

  5. Hi Shannon, surprise, one of my pic’s in this platform! That is ok for me! I like to comment our Picture. I’m a German no Scotch and no Kilt. My wife is Chineese and we live in Norway. Chineese do not tan, it’s her natural skincolor, it’s very beautiful. We do like piercings and we play with it, as you can se, but there is no porn!! Jes, and on top it`s an 10 mm teflon implant, i had 3 of it, but removed 2 again because of poor insertation. My Ampalang has an 3,2 mm shaft and 12 mm balls Today, there are 2 implants again and i started a headsplitt and looking forward for my glans-tattoo.
    We like our Mod’s, it’s thrilling and looking for more.

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