Giant Keloid Removal

My friend Emilio Gonzalez of Mithos Tattoo in Caracas, Venezuela sends in this just massive keloid removal he did. I’m quite certain that person is very happy they walked into his studio!

Anyway, I’m not really posting right now, I just wanted to quickly make sure that the main banner works (it will automatically change now on a daily basis). If you didn’t see, I also added a “most commented on” section for those that want to quickly jump to ModBlog‘s most debated entries. More tomorrow morning!

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45 thoughts on “Giant Keloid Removal

  1. Shannon it’s the morning over here and I havent had Breakfast yet.

    Dont think I will now.

    That is one giant keloid and a great job done in removing it.

    Do we know what caused it?

  2. Considering the size of it, I wonder if some people would have assumed it to be some sort of tumor.

  3. Thats intense. Looks so painful!!!!! I hope it heals better. Should post some pictures in a few months to show how it heals.

  4. do you think it’s maybe from an industrial? it kinda looks like there are two main lobes to it. but happy keloid removal for that venezuelan!

  5. Holy crap, nice job by Emilio. Judging by the color of the keloid, I would assume there are blood vessels running through it, but I wasn’t able to find documentation of this. Does anybody know if keloids have a blood supply? If so, that would make their removal much more difficult – like those 200-pound tumors you see on TV. It looks like corticosteroid injection will help keep a duplicate keloid from forming…I hope she’s gotten that.

  6. holy. crap. fuck. that is amazing. good luck to her with the healing process.

    wonder if she kept the keloid in a jar… I totally would :D

  7. Wow, I’m not sure how you manage to get one to that point without having it looked at long before. The only thing I wonder about is if that was truly a keloid and wasn’t possibly also cancerous. If the latter was the case hopefully he got all of it and it doesn’t come back or hasn’t spread. I don’t know what health care in Venezuela is like, there may not have been the option of having a doctor remove it, but if anyone else here has a keloid like that and you have access to doctors care I’d go that route just to get it biopsied to make 100% certain it was a keloid and not somethign far more serious. Otherwise he did a beautiful job removing that, looks like if another doesn’t form that the ear will look perfectly normal after if heals.

  8. First, it looks like it could just be a keloid to me.

    Second, I’ve watched Emilio’s work for a while and he has surgical skills in excess of many of my collegues. This is yet another example of his incredible skill.

  9. wow.

    ..and on a totally different note, checking out the ‘most commented on entries’ just now completely reminded me why i hate ignorant fucking assholes as much as i do.

  10. I like the daily banner idea. Is there any way to link to the picture used in the banner, so if something up there catches our eye, we can jump to the related entry?

  11. Lucas – AGREED! I just saw the wolverine claws page and I can’t believe how many idiots have posted retarded comments…

    Anyways… that’s a massive keloid! I wonder if her hair ever got caught around it..

  12. i cann’t belive out of all of the posts on this blog that the wolverien claws attracted the most comments, and the biggest flame war i’ve seen on here, next to the hitler tattoo, but at least that had some level of civil debate to it. i guess it’s becuase it was linked from another site.

  13. It’s very, very rare for comments from inside BME, IAM, and regular ModBlog readers to get nasty…. It’s almost exclusively casual visitors directed here.

    In some ways it’s good to be reminded of it I think, because I know for me it’s very easy to become convinced that the whole world thinks “like us”, because we experience this community inside a fairly safe bubble most of the time.

  14. the Wolverine post reminded me of the brass knuckles implant that got linked to from Fark. between the comments here and the ones on Fark’s own page, there had to have been over a thousand.

  15. so, emilio, you cauderized the wound before you stitched it? ..and that’s supposed to prevent the keloid from reforming? it seems like that would do the exact opposite..

  16. Quote: “Jason — they’re through 31.jpg

    I’ll probably change them from time to time as well… ”

    I meant (although I didn’t succeed in explaining it correctly) some way to link to the posts where the pictures first showed up. Usually there are notes or links or something worth reading, like the one for the current pic, explaining that it was a memorial for the guy’s father.

    Maybe I’m the only one who finds that a useful feature, though.

  17. Wow. That’s pretty major. I have a friend who’se ear looks similar to the ‘before’, it was trodden on and wrecked by her horse. Think I’ll mail this to her, as the moment she’s really self conscious about it and wears a headband over her ears, I think this will give her some hope.

  18. Did you send that keloid to a pathologist for testing? I know it is very rare for a keloid to be dangerous(fibrosarcoma), but that pigment change on the skin looks a bit suspicious. I know that pigment change is normal, but if it is on that big a keloid I would be worried. Many body mod artists can remove a keloid like that easily but as they don’t have a licence to do medical operations they can’t send them for testing which is why this kind of stuff I would leave to a doctor. By that i mean Real doctors…

  19. WHY the fuck REMOVE it?!?! That’s a rare and beautiful thing…nurtured with much love and tenderness.
    I’d betcha dollars to donuts NO ONE could match that if they TRIED.
    [I wanna bite it]


  20. emilio never been in medical school ! thats an urban legend . he didnt even do anything beside piercing or tattoos before 2001 . why nobody , even him , tel the truth about how he really learn ?

  21. Shanon no hablo ingles ni lo se escribir pero si lo leo, por favor traduce esto y ojala Emilio lo corrobore ya que soy un gran fan suyo, Emilio si estudio medicina durante 2 años en España pero creo que se fue despues de que se tatuo la cara, con 2 años de medicina son suficientes para saber sobre el cuerpo humano y saber un poco de cirugia, esto hace de Emilio el mejor MOD del mundo.

  22. hi carlos,I never say I learning body mod because I study medicine,yes I study medicine in 1994 for 2 year in canary island in tenerife(the country I bornd)but I was doing piercing in tenerifen to, afer that i came to caracas venezuela were I supost to continues whit my carrera(medicine) but in the academy the people dont let me continius for all my tattoos and piercing so I open a shop call let mithos tattoo,in 1999 I travel to united state were I start to be in tattoo magazines in all over united state I was doint a very exteme body piercing in 2000 I was in new york tattoo convention were I mett some body mod artist and I spend a lot of money to get my first implant and there I start to do implant,I am very good in my work, I have all I wannet in life,very nice shop,very nice houses(were I spend good time whit my good friend shannon)I have a beutyfull wife,so all I wannet,.the coment 30 and 34 is just a jealous person that cant undestand some body is better than him.I am very glad to have a big fan like you carlos I hope see you some of this days

  23. Emilio gracias por comentar y escribir una pequeña biografia sobre ti, de verdad soy un gran fan tuyo por lo que has logrado y sigues haciendo lamentablemente hay gente envidiosa, a pesar de que no tengo implantes (y tampoco quiero tener porque siento que no me sentiria comodo, aunque tengo varios piercing, bueno en realidad 3 jaja) tu trabajo a nivel de extreme body mod es impresionante, bueno es hora de jalar tanta bola
    de nuevo gracias por responder

  24. I just underwent keloid removal and I may concur with one of the posters who mentioned about their friend being selfconcious, and a good reason to remove them also is because every now and then they do have pain shoot through them and also itch like hell.

  25. I have earlobe keloids this big. Mine are recurrent. I had the buggers excised 2 years ago but when they grew back, they tripled in size. I’ve had doctors look at it, had steroid injections (are those painful or what?) but still they kept on growing. I was afraid of excising again – what if they triple in size again? That’s why they’ve gotten so big. I’m so self-conscious about it also and afraid of confronting it, that’s why it’s gotten out of hand. So can I go to a tattoo shop to have my keloids eliminated forever? I was thinking of seeing a doctor and getting a tangential shave excision and cauterisation – would this also work? Please help. Thanks.

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