Reading Is Good For You

Tattoo by Dan Forbes at Mojo Studios in Peoria, IL. The only time I’ve ever been to Peoria (when I was a kid; family friends lived there), I talked to a farmer for a long time about how his arm had been torn off by an auger. Then I went to a Ren Fair and watched some jousting.

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18 thoughts on “Reading Is Good For You

  1. If it’s Chinese characters, then I think that it’s meant to be bian tai, which would translate as “change appearance”. Except that the first character has a mistake, very slight, using the wrong radical, so that character doesn’t actually exist. As far as I know. Also if the first character *is* bian, then it’s the simplified version, whereas the tai is the traditional version, so they’ve kind of mixed and matched. But I reserve the right to be wrong :)

  2. i’m chinese and i read these two words as “pervertic”,also pronounced as bian tai though. :)

  3. Those panties are practically non-existant.

    @Shannon’s Ren Faire story: HUZZAH!!! ;)

  4. Impified, does that first character exist then? I’d never seen it and I couldn’t find it when I looked it up. It would make much more sense if it meant perverted, it’s the kind of thing that someone would want to tattoo on their crotch :) It still looks like it’s a simplified character though. Maybe that’s why I don’t recognise it.

  5. I love the connection there between metamorphosis and perversion/kink. Something to muse about… :)

  6. haha i love the completely random story to go with that. Did you go to the Bristol Ren Faire??

  7. i’m chinese and i read chinese too!
    Impified is right, it reads as ‘pervertic’. ‘bian tai’ according to the dictionary i used in school, is ‘bu zhenchang de zhuangtai’ which literally means ‘abnormal attitude/action’; which we usually relate to ‘being perverse’!

    it means ‘metamorphosis/ change appearance’ if you take the 2 words literally. (:

  8. I wish those panties were just a little lower…..actually I wish she wasn’t wearing them at all. : 0

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