39 thoughts on “B&W Angel Backpiece

  1. i don’t know for sure, but it looks like robert hernandez’s work. either way, its brilliant.

  2. I really like the 3D effect from the level of the bottom of the angel’s hair down. This tattoo should get a “quality” tag, I think 🙂

  3. They vast amount of negative space used for the feathers really makes this tattoo. I’ve yet to see another winged tattoo look as good as or better than this.

  4. at first glance i thought it was printed on the shirt 🙂
    looks great though, i also thought the face was a little weird everything else is beautiful

  5. W O W.
    Prolly one of the best big b&w works I’ve ever seen. The way the feathers are done is just… WOW.
    Makes me wanna tattoo someone already! 😛


  6. the wings look great, the artist did an excellent job of shading. however, the face looks a little fucked up, too bad they didnt go the extra mile to really tie the whole thing up. overall, its an amazing piece though.

  7. i saw this as i strolled around the tattoo convention, i actually couldnt believe it when i saw it.. i thought it had been photoshopped on!! AND I WAS ACTUALLY SEEING IT WITH MY OWN EYES!!

  8. oh God God what is this
    damn its gr8
    i like i want it
    i want it now
    i want it
    i want it
    i want it
    i want it
    i want it right now
    i would pay 10000$ for it!!!

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