Ouch ouch ouch, ha ha ha

Don’t download it if you don’t like the idea of hurting your nuts.

3 meg WMV file (right-click and save it)

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87 thoughts on “Ouch ouch ouch, ha ha ha


    WTF DUDE?!?!?!??!!?

  2. “…like the idea of a hatchet to the nuts.” I wonder how many people downloaded it because they like that idea? Then again, I have a girl friend who would probably agree with it but not like the movie too much.

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  4. WoW! Man, fake or not, that was intense. I’ve seen some pretty graphic things in my day’s on the interweb and I’d have to say that was right up there with the worst (best?) [shiver]

  5. Damn !!!!

    Sure that is fake? That looks real for me, very real the nut jumping out of the scrotum, damnn !!

  6. i was thinking “who the fuck does that to themselfs so casually” untill the end… damn you shannnon

  7. thats pretty neat.

    Maybe it’s the combination of working in a hospital OR and being in this community for a while now, but I often forget that a lot of this type of stuff is really out there for most people.

    Creates awkward silences in conversations sometimes, heh.

  8. I counldn’t finish it until now. I watched almost the whole thing going “noooooo!!” in my head and then everyone was talking about the end.. I feel a bit let down :( Lol

  9. indeed. i had to come back and visit the video that I really had no desire to see over the talk of the ending. The testicles looked questionable when popping out, just because I’ve done vasectomies, I think. Otherwise, things look pretty real. So what’s the trick and more importantly, what’s the point?

  10. oh… my… lord… i was definitely shrieking the entire time i watched this. i also want to know when real ends and fake begins!!!

  11. The whole time I watched this video, I was thinking… this is pretty different, compared to other BME stuff… I didn’t even think about it maybe being fake… but that makes sense. You almost had me dude! It made me squirm a bit.

  12. I’m having a hard time believing that was fake — except perhaps for the testicles–, and am trying to convince myself that the “yes, those were fake” comment is a pre-emptive joke directed towards those who would watch and say, “please tell me that was fake.”

    But then again, maybe not.

  13. Wow indeed. I never thought it was fake, even reading the first couple comments I didn’t realize what they were saying. I… wow. I can’t say I squirmed, well, I could. I didn’t squirm however I was thinking once again it was certainly a line I don’t plan on passing… or nearing. Congrats on faking it though. I too would like to know how.

  14. you can kind of tell, right before he cuts the penis off, that it almost looks like a penis shaped of clay that’s sitting on top of the cutting board. the way it was sliced too isn’t really how flesh would slice.

    however the chopped-off penis-stump looks quite real…

  15. to number 48- i was thinking that knife went in to the skin much like it would through, say, cheese…

    some of it definitely would have fooled me, though.

  16. The three big tells by the way that it’s not real are:

    1. You can’t push through the tissue as quickly as he does with the hatchet or the knife — it’s a much more difficult cut to make.

    2. Balls don’t just “fall out”; they’re more adhered than that.

    3. In the removal scenes if you look carefully you can see the real anatomy glued up to hide it.

  17. It’s quite impressive… but I have doubts, it’s real. The balls will come out out in another way, and how he stopped the bleeding. Normally a man would loose his consciousness after this happeningn

  18. I read a book about Armin Meiwes (the “German Cannibal”) in which the difficulty of cutting off a penis is discussed. They seemed to have an incredibly hard time at it, so I would agree with others that the video shows it coming off too easily.

  19. I dunno, maybe I’m insane…. but I sort of think that perhaps it was all real.

    Maybe I’m just gullible, or maybe I’m sleepy and its like 2am, but by putting ‘yes, these were fake’ at the end it sort of made me double take and watch it over and over again. Some parts look almost unreal, but then again I was trying to figure out where the ‘real’ bits were positioned.

    Please shannon, I want to see ‘behind the scenes’ like the magic tricks revealed version (if it is, in fact actually faked).

  20. Even the knowledge that it was fake, I still couldn’t help but cringe with the hatchet onto the nuts bit… I don’t think that people with vivid imaginations like mine should be so addicted to this website. It gives me these crazy, fucked up ideas.

    Before BME, I never thought I’d be okay with someone taking a scalpel to my penis…

  21. ” 61. I couldn’t make it through the end. Was it real or not?

    Posted by J-Knuckles on October 27th, 2006 at 7:32 pm ”

    At the very end it said it was all fake.

  22. i defintely feel like vomiting and crying alltogether… thats gross, honestly. thx god that this was only fake… i dont get ppl doing this to their body.

  23. Woah! Ok, I’m a woman but watching that still made me cross my legs and my jaw dropped from watching it! It looked like when the hatchet was going after the testicles that it sorta looked like liver and I kept looking for the tube that connects the testes but thinking back (no, not going to watch that video again!) those two little potato lumps didn’t have the “string” attatched to them. As for the penis getting chopped, it looked too easy for it to get cut off that slowly. Whew! Glad that is finally over!

  24. yep – in the usual behavior, i watched that while eating chinese… and giggled like usual.
    …but whoever was behind me, certainly was disturbed, in complete silence with their mouths open.
    good work loves.

  25. very good made pics! exciting and hot. good hidden cock, but it lokks like a really sqare cutted cock! gratulations!
    hot and arousing!!!

  26. I watched that famous video by the japanese artist neutering himself about 15 years or so ago.

    You guys are just catching up !

    What took you so long ?


  27. Obviously fake… the video “jumps” prior to the guy actually starting to cut off his penis.

  28. *kudos on the background score*
    too bad that’s fake…more of us [males] around here should go [do the world a favor] & self-sterilize! no more condoms!

  29. omg i cant belive that was fake, after reading all the comments I no know it is fake. but i dont want to belive it in a strange kind of way:P

  30. DAAAMMMMMMMNNN !!!!!!!!! TOTAL INSANE … i love my packet really … is tiny but I LOVEEEE IT AND ILL NEVER CUT ME OFF NEVER!!! jajaja DAMMM IS FUCKING SCARY jiak jiak

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