14 thoughts on “Traditional Facial Tattoos

  1. i absolutely LOVE this… especially how it continues onto his ear, and is it just me that thinks he resembles travis barker from blink 182?

  2. I get that all the time, i think it is because we are both skinny. And thanx for the complements on the new ink, I know tattoojoe appreciates them as well. Now i just gotta get my face tattoo finished.

  3. love the trible peace it looks so good and its so good going on to the ear and i like the fact that he has a star in the face tattoo to make it look difrent and i all so like the fact that other peoples coments are nice and the fact that there is no bad coments

  4. An excellent piece of work, as ever from Tattoo Joe. I admire the way Joe gets the ink laid in to suit the face contours and I’m looking forward to seeing the completed work.

    It would be interesting to see if Joe can get the design all the way back over the ears. Now that would be a feat, to maintain the line layout.

    Can’t fault it. Brilliant stuff, mate.

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