20 thoughts on “Wolverine Punching Spikes

  1. Dude, these things have always wigged me out. Ther are SO many little nerves and tendons and just stuff in the backs of the hands! They look badass, but man, I could never get myself to do that!

  2. Anselm:
    If your afraid of damaging any nerves or tendons, or “stuff” for that matter – don’t be. Your only piercng the skin, so there’s no risk of hurting anything else than skin…

  3. Thank, Liquid. My human brain gets this but my lizard braind still shrieks in fear at the very thought.

  4. I was gonna say “who would whine about editing out the marks at the entrance points?” then I remembered where this was posted…

  5. Those arent on Andy, they are on a guy named Blayne. They are photos taken BY Andy at the shop he works for (Omega Red).

  6. i really love these. neat. but i’m anal and wolverines claws actually emerge from his knuckles as they are extensions of the bone. but seeing as that would be hard (if possible) to pierce, i heart these.

  7. That’s awesome, I know him, hahahaha. He said they were the coolest mod he’s ever gotten done.

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