Tape (what’s that?)

Do people still remember tapes? I’m not even sure people entirely remember CDs. This piece is by Cindy Vega at Na Ka Oi / Body Graphics in Philadelphia, PA.

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29 thoughts on “Tape (what’s that?)

  1. I love this picture
    the grafic is very original, like I would on my body
    do stop music, just upgrade on the top

  2. I miss the days of mixed tapes. I still have a few old cassettes kickin around somewhere as well. There’s a certain nostalgia about them

  3. Oh thats so beautiful, in such an understated way..

    And thank god tapes are dying out, damn annoying things

  4. how could you not love having to rewind and fast forward for ten minutes to hear the song you really want. I mean the anticipation alone is really what make music worth it.

  5. that rules. i make all of my music using cassette tapes. tape manipulation, modified tape decks tape based processing of other sorts. i also listen to a lot of tapes and release music on tapes. it is my favorite medium.

  6. CASSETTE TAPES WILL NEVER DIE!!! mix tapes rule, I have’nt made one in awhile now but after seeing this I think I need to bust one out, I was listening to the radio earlier and npr was talking about how young people today are’nt even buying cds’ anymore because of ipods and the like, I think i purchase new vinyl atleast a couple times a month and aside from that I don’t even own a computer

  7. Me encanta, ademas el trazo me parece favuloso, se le podria dar mas juego incluso, escribiendo algo con la cinta que sale del cassette. Muy bueno

  8. I tried listening to some of my old tapes and they are all fuzzy and grainy sounding :( Before we had a video camera my mother recorded our family happenings on cassette tape. I like hearing everyone’s young voices and the voices of those that have passed on.

  9. There are also a few cassette tapes floating around of my family too. I just bought a car that still has a tape deck in it and it’s not very old.

  10. those were the days. the tape music scene was really big in the 80ties and early 90ties.
    the wrap of the tape gives a nice effect to the tat2.

    btw: mix-cd sounds somehow wrong.
    mixtapes rule… some fine legacy…

  11. I loved my casettes and still have a few. When they first came out they were like miracles compared to the 8-tracks.
    (Oi, 8-tracks! Now those were a pain…)

    I love that tat =)

  12. its a great tat, and i was listening to a casette tape yesterday for the first time in YEARS… but i cant stop thinking that the actual tape that is coming out of it should be coming more from one of the ends, and not the centre… or am i just stupid? lol

  13. Long live casettes! I have some, but no casette player…

    And mp3 players suck. Next we will all just have recievers implanted in our bodies so we can stream the sounds of music directly into our brains!!!!

    I can imagine the day when Ipods are no longer being used… the casette will be forgotten on pages in history books. The Nostalgic will tattoo Ipod headphones onto their ears and necks…. *sigh*

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