13 thoughts on “Air Freshener Ass Tattoo

  1. I’M FIRST TO COMMENT!!! THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!!! Cool idea, I would like some better photos to see context on the body. But you have got to love the classic pine tree air freshener.

  2. Maybe this is on purpose but “Air-Freshner” is spelled incorrectly, the above post is correct “Air Freshener.”

  3. “I think “air freshnerâ€? is a brand name?”

    I think that is why there is the little R with the circle around it underneath…

  4. Talking about a heads up… once you saw it.. I am not sure if you would think it funny, and clever…. or go oh my God! I came with a warning label! Run away! *chuckles*

  5. i have one of these on my left ass cheek.. its hanging off of a small nail with a drop of blood dripping off

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