Happy New Year From BMEHARD!

Habakuk (check out his wonderful bonus gallery if you’re a BME/HARD member) sends in this shot of one of his recent scrotal suspensions done at his home in Africa. Oh, and if you’re wondering where his penis is, it’s perfectly intact, it’s just hidden in the scrotal/pubic folds from the extreme distortion caused by the suspension.

56 thoughts on “Happy New Year From BMEHARD!

  1. You know, I usually try not to leave mindless “oh my god” type comments …

    but oh my god!

  2. that just totally blew my mind. and while i have this horrible pain in my lower stomach, i find it hard to look away.

  3. well i have to say, he’s taking that well, his face doesn’t show any pain
    tho it still looks very intence

  4. I didn’t think that was possible (and I never thought I’d say that on here). I can’t imagine what that’s doing to his plumbing though…

  5. im wondering what the risks are with this, i mean , because of the amount of weight hanging on such a thin amount of skin, surely one faulse move and his scrotum could be ripped off and he’ll be instantly castrated, not to mension the pain, lets hear your views about the risk he’s taking.

    but i also think “wow amaizing” ide like to see how low his nuts now hang when normal.

  6. I myself am wondering why he’s doing it alone (apparently). If he happens to fall or something goes wrong, how would he get himself medical attention? I don’t know about him, but I wouldn’t be in any shape to drive if my boys were in a state like that.

  7. it looks liek a sack at the top. but i cant see a penis.
    and there is no scar where a missing penis would be.
    hmm, that couldent just be a HUGE head…could it?

  8. Given a choice I think I had rather be hanged like Saddam Hussain was. Either way, I would die!

  9. I love modblog! Lol This looks very painful. I am guessing the person taking the photo is the one who helped him get up there?

  10. i was never aware that scrotal skin could hold so much weight. His pain threshold is amazing.

  11. I have heard that they *can* be ripped off doing this…..wont catch me doing it…..

  12. Best hanging I have ever seen. Scrotal skin can take a lot. It’s the inside cords attached to the testicles that I wonder about? They could come off the testicles.

  13. Answer to post 30:
    I think its the same powder weightlifters and polejumpers and so on use to get a really good grip of stuff. Dont know the name in english, Talkpuder in swedish (I think) at least.

  14. Oh, that looks so painful!
    I suppose he’s done a lot of scrotal stretching before attempting this?

  15. I think he does it beautiful, I would like to try myself, but
    I need some help!!!!!

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