Lung surgery?

Not that Dustin Robbins of Iris Piercing in Salt Lake City, Utah didn’t do a very nice nipple placement on this customer, but I am soooo into the scar. I know on some levels it’s wrong to fetishize things like that, because it’s essentially getting off on someone else’s pain, but I really think that it’s very difficult to express beauty without putting it into context, and that’s what life scars (versus chosen scars) give a person I think…

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42 thoughts on “Lung surgery?

  1. Absolutely with you on the scar. By far my favourite to date was a 2″ heart surgery scar on an acquaintance a while back, slightly off-vertical, slightly off-centre, but just … yuh.

  2. I don’t think that its an implant scar. The scar’s too long and extends way up into her armpit/ribs region.

  3. The scar doesn’t looks like it was done on purpose but it is really part of the photo. I mean, if she didn’t want to show it, she would have made a photo of the other side.

  4. Sure looks like a (botched) implant scar to me. Her breasts obviously have been augmented, and the scar on the right breast that we can see clearly carries over underneath her breast. I have no idea why it goes that far under her armpit, but it’s also not a place they would do lung surgery from.

  5. Shannon- I’m no means a pro, so I really wouldn’t know, but what makes these piercings misplaced? They look fine to my uneducated eyes.

  6. That’s not what he said. He said “Not that [he] didn’t do a very nice nipple placement…” Which means he did a good placement, but his eyes are drawn more towards the scar.

  7. Anselm:
    Re-read the sentence, he said that he didn’t mean to overlook the fact that they were nicely done. That scar though…it just works.

  8. I’m with the “implant scar” theory, although the mind boggles as to the length of the scar… Maybe there is more than one scar from more than one surgery, it looks like her breasts are two different shapes. Maybe she had a botched job and then needed a second surgery? Either way, it still looks wicked and kudos to her for showing it off.

  9. Cedes: A pair of breasts are usually two different shapes.

    Looks to me like the other breast is perfectly normal for her body with no augmentation. My guess would be the scar slightly altered the breast causing it to look like an implant. No clue what the scar is from though and I could be absolutely wrong.

    Still a beautiful picture and beautiful body.

  10. that scar reminds me of the scar on some of my m2f trannie friends. beautiful, whether xx or xy.

  11. Just my two cents but my wife and I agree, that the scar on the breast is from an implant, and the scar towards the armpit is a stretch mark from the breast skin being stretched. Don’t know, like I said just my two cents.

  12. i’m married women, and i think her breasts look amazing. i love her scar and how if works with her body. She(or he) is obviously proud of their body, so i dont think we should critisize

  13. i’m in the implant scar camp. they don’t really look like they match…(the boobs, not the piercings) though i guess most people aren’t perfectly symmetrical.

    but anyway, i dig the piercings.

  14. That is NOT an implant scar. If in fact it was, the doctor would be looking down the barrel of a malpractice lawsuit.
    I understand the many places implants can be inserted, and the armpit is one of those places, however the scar for an implant is rarely, if never, longer than 1.5 inches (3-4cm for you canadians). Many are smaller. Also, look at the way the scar begins to skip places as it gets closer to the armpit/back.

    My money is on an accident, or an intentional scarification. But it looks like an accident more than anything.

    Those breasts could easily be real. They look nearly identical to my GF’s.

    My $0.02 :)

  15. Her breast are beautiful none the less. Real or not, there is nothing bad about how they look. As for the scar; I simply love it. Also, that is definatly NOT an implant scar.

  16. One possible reason for the breasts looking different is that if it IS a major surgery scar, there could be a fair amount of scar tissue inside her breast we can’t see, causing it to be a little off her natural shape (aka, her left breast). Just an idea.

  17. i’m not saying this cos i have a problem with implants, i would be first in line if i had the cash, but they have definitely been augmented. as for the scar, i was putting my money on implant scar also. maybe there was a complication, rather than a botched job? i know a few girls that have had some crazy sh!t go down either during or after their boob jobs, they might have had to make a larger incision to fix it up? or maybe just an older job when the technique wasnt quite so perfect?

    in any case, hot boobs. im jealous!

  18. I have never actually commented here before, but this reminds me of my own scar so much that I had to. I was born with what’s called an esophageal atresion, where my throat wasn’t connected to my stomach, and it left me with a scar almost exactly like this. It starts right below my left breast and swoops up onto my shoulder blade- about twenty inches long. Yes, it is awesome. Anyway, this could very easily be from something else but just wanted to note it, as I’ve never actually seen anyone else with a scar so like my own.

  19. If they are implants, I’ve never seen better/more natural looking ones. I extremely doubt it.

  20. “Lisa – What do you mean ‘obviously been augmented’? Those could easily be natural.”

    I think it’s somewhat amazing that people have become so used to the look of breast implants that they think these look natural. You can see the shape and outline of the implants through her skin! Look at the shape of the breast, look at the placement (high high up the breast is on her chest), look at how far over to her side/armpit the implant sits, look at how full her breasts are at the top (well, really just the scarred on) … these are all the results one would expect from a thin woman like that having implants put in, placed above the muscle. I am not criticizing her or anyone who gets implants, I am merely stating the obvious. She looks great… but that doesn’t take away from the fact that those are implants.

    I myself have had a breast lift. The scars that run underneath my breasts from that surgery look exactly like what she’s has under her breast, only mine does not travel all the way into the armpit. My guess would be that the scar is under her breast that way because the surgeon tried to avoid placing the scars on her nipples… although, I can’t tell from this photo, it does almost seem that she has a slight scar on the nipple of the other breast, so it’s hard to say from just looking at this picture. It could also mean that she had a lift along with the augmentation… which would explain the long scar as maybe some left over saggy skin had to be removed there on the side.

    It also looks somewhat similar to the scarring left by a mastectomy (breast removal), oddly enough.

    For all I know that scar has nothing to do with the implants. Either way, those boobs are fake, scar or no scar.

  21. I just wanted to point out that, given how muscular her body is, it might just be that she has very developed pecotral muscles, which change the shape of her breasts and give them that extra-firm implanty look. Check out the muscle in the transition from shoulder to breast.

  22. as a medical professional, i would guess that at some point she had her chest opened on an emergency basis for a lung/ heart issue. for this, i would say a heart issue, as a chest tube usually suffices for lung issues.

  23. It looks like a scar from a breast reduction surgery. The scar is wider at the armpit where the drainage tubes would come out but there doesn’t seem to be any scarring around the nipple so maybe it was made by alien kidnappers lookin to stock up on some human juice.

  24. “so maybe it was made by alien kidnappers lookin to stock up on some human juice.”

    Craig, I think you nailed it!

  25. So I asked her where the scar came from. It is where she had a rib removed. It was ground-up and used as a paste to fuse the spine (scoliosis). When it was healling it itched so bad she scratched it until it opened the wound. “I scratched it until I felt what I think was a vein.” She ripped the skin so badly, they had to tape it closed. I love the scar. Thats why I got that angle for the photo.

  26. she very well may have implants but when looking at the rest of the pictures in the set I notice there is no scar on the left side, so I’m leaning more torwards accidental being its a little jagged, it very well could be surgery to in any case it looks nice imo.

  27. 37-39

    read 36…

    her nipples arent stretched over the breast enough for implants.

    it looks like shes just on a slight angle, and has one arm tensed (to take the picture) thats why one appears to be ‘fuller’

    anyway, its a beautiful scar, and her piercings, perfect.

    not to mention great boobs.

    fake boobs are much fuller at the top of the breast, which gives it the fake look.

  28. it looks like a scar as a result of breast cancer tbh. Reconsruction is done by cutting right round the side, recruiting a muscle from you back, and if necessary placing an implant.. The scarred breast looks more augmented than the left side.

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