32 thoughts on “Proud to be British

  1. OMG I hope the stupid f-wits up at Westminster dont see this and decide to do away with all our passports and tattoo us instead.
    If they do I want some nice flowers round mine lol

  2. its funny i was debating with a few friends today what the difference between UK and Great Britain is, seemingly its Northern Ireland….

  3. there’s gonna be an influx of richard ashtons into the UK soon – watch out, british kids

  4. Interesting idea, but I think for the sake of preventing identity theft I’d have blurred out a bit of the info before sending the picture in to modblog…

  5. Actually I think a good number of us freely give out most of this information on our IAM and myspace and facebook pages regularly, and then some.

  6. …i always wonder where people get ideas for their tattoos. i can only begin to imagine how this idea came to be.

  7. @lilish: that’s exactly why I don’t participate in any of those…

    Also, I doubt your average person puts their passport number or a photo of their signature on the internet.

  8. I don’t know about passport numbers, but as far as signatures go I think they’re fairly easy to get ahold of. Think of all the times you sign anything and how many people come in contact with it. And even Shannon has his signature on each article online here.

    In any case, the easiest form of identity theft these days (at least in the US) is to call a bank and pretend to be someone famous. Most low level employees are too worried about upsetting them they give out all kinds of information to not lose their business; thus giving it to anyone with a little insight.

  9. yes, we folks in northern ireland are the deciding factor in everything that happens in the uk…i hate this country

  10. Yeah, I’d love to hear some background on this, quite a unique idea.
    Also, kudos to the artist on a really solid job on the font.

  11. As an immigratio officer, I see at least one person a day who forgot to take their passport with them, or has had it lost/stolen whilsy abroad. If only those people had this done, my job would be so much easier…

  12. Great tattoo, but I too thought “identity theft” — I hope that’s not his actual passport number. And then “don’t tell the Identity and Passport Service; we’re having enough trouble with Blair’s ID card plans already! Very cute work, though; love it!

    @Wilburt: Yeah, GB is England, Scotland and Wales (formed in 1707), we became the UK in 1801 when Ireland was added to the mix. We gave most of Ireland back in the early 20th century so the difference between GB and UK is indeed Northern Ireland :o)

  13. It would have been sooooo much cooler with the photo but he had neither the time nor the money to complete the deal. Such is the life of a british back packer. He may have had it finished elsewhere by now.

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