Almost done in one 14 hour session!

Damn, I don’t envy what Larry Brogan‘s hands must have felt like after tattooing for that long! I’d say long sits are definitely harder for the tattoo artist physically than the client. Maybe that makes me seem either lazy or like a masochist? Anyway, the piece is titled, “Pussy Worship” and it’s still in progress (Larry’s at Tattoo City Skin Art, Lockport IL).

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22 thoughts on “Almost done in one 14 hour session!

  1. There is something about this that makes me uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the breasts on the cat or the fact that I think roosters are particularly unpleasant to look at…but at the same time i feel like i could stare at this all day. bravo on the colors.

  2. Lovely art work in very nice subtle colours that blend nicely together. More than that I love the design very cool idea.
    Shows how good the artist must be to carry out that high standard of work over a very long period of time.


    what else am i missing? is there anything else?

    this tattoo is ACES!

  4. DUDE! This is awesome. Because it looks so pretty and well done…but then if you really think about it…its a cock worshipping all things vagina-related. Hilarious.

  5. I really like this piece. For something that is a bit tongue in cheek, the client definitely picked a great artist. I appreciate a well executed joke.

  6. The best thing about this tattoo is that its so crude, but just glancing at it you really wouldn’t notice!

    Then again, I’d probably end up walking around trying to figure it out if I saw it in person and not on here!

    The colours are great, and I’m still chuckling over how happy that beaver looks!

  7. haha yeah there’s veges and a fork and shit.. He’s going to eat that pussy… He also nailed the beaver.. I dunno if he did anything to the clam though. Lol this works on SO many levels.

    Great work too. Awesome tattoo.

  8. Wow fourteen hours, that’s like tattooing from 8am to 10pm. I can’t even comprehend that.

  9. I finished tattooing this piece at 4:30 am, boy what a long day, my head was spinning.
    You cannot see it well in this photo but there is a fish on the right side of the platter under the cats ass. I did think about doing a pink taco or a fish taco but I was cramped for space and though a taco might not fit the overall dinner layout. I did manage to get a bearded clam worked into it.

    Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments and thanks Shannon for posting it.

  10. I swear I had a dream about that pussycat last night.

    I sincerely thank you for posting this, made my night ;)

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